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Yogurt-Based Skin Care Line Launching

DairyFace will be available this month at high-end grocers such as Eataly, Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods.

Dairyface, a new yogurt-based skin care line from a milk-loving entrepreneur, will be launching this month at high-end grocers such as Eataly, Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods, as well as at select beauty retailers. The line is currently available on the company’s Web site and is expected to generate sales of $1 million during its first year at retail.

Oksana Panasenko, Dairyface’s founder, has been touting the benefits of yogurt in skin care since her adolescence in Turkmenistan, where she was introduced by a family friend to a traditional mixture of fermented dairy and local herbs as a treatment for her severe acne. According to Panasenko, the concoction not only cured her pimples but also treated the scarring and redness.

After years of formulating the skin remedy for herself and co-workers as a hobby, Panasenko left her job as a Russian TV network executive, emigrated to Canada in 2006 and began working with cosmetic chemists and dairy microbiologists on her own cosmetics line, a collection of food-grade products that contain no chemicals or preservatives (and must be refrigerated).

She pointed out that by preserving freshness through refrigeration, there is no need to add preservatives to the formula.

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The debut collection is comprised of her hero product, Nourishing Facial Refresher, which is available in five iterations: Peppermint Crème, orange- and chamomile-infused Glad Allover, Green Tea Magic, Lavender Lovely and olive-and avocado-injected Eye Caramba.

Panasenko explained that the product can in fact be used anywhere on the body, including hair. “[The rich formulas] communicate with deep layers of the skin” and deliver the nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, C and B12, said Panasenko.

Dairyface’s five debut masks are sold in packs of two priced $19 for the pair and are designed to remain potent for up to six weeks in the refrigerator. Within three to four months of this launch, Panasenko said she plans to introduce additional products, all of which, consistent with the goals of the line, will be natural, sustainable, appropriate for any age and perishable. “We want to remind people that everything they need to feel and look beautiful can be found in nature, their fridge and in the mirror,” said Panasenko.
The company will also pursue additional distribution with Duane Reade and a dairy partner.