Beginning Nov. 19, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the owner of Tweezerman International, will bring the recently acquired European hand, nail and foot brand Alessandro International GmbH to the U.S. market.

The launch will include targeted personal care products and collections designed to suit specific needs from hand to foot. Claus Holst-Gydesen, chief executive officer of Zwilling, said the procurement was “strategic,” due to rapid growth of the nail category, and added, “Alessandro’s products are of premium quality and very attractive for our international customer base. Combining Tweezerman, Zwilling Beauty Tools and Alessandro in one Beauty Group while utilizing Zwilling’s network of global subsidiaries will enable the beauty segment within Zwilling to grow at an even higher pace.”

Known primarily in Europe, Alessandro International will be available to U.S. consumers online ( and initial plans to increase premium distribution will begin in 2013. Some of the offerings available include the newly relaunched Handsispa hand care collection developed with dermatologists features antiaging, smoothing and brightening creams and serums ranging in price from $20 to $39, the Nailspa Nourishing Mango Nail Serum ($20) and Coco Mango Nail Butter ($25). The brand’s Color & Care line allows consumers to choose from 99 lacquer shades and three application techniques ($12 each); nonpermanent Nail Polish that lasts up to one week; Lac Sensation for semipermanent color lasting up to three weeks, and a Permanent Colour Gel giving users up to six weeks of wear.

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The Alessandro International headquarters will remain in Germany with its current management team maintaining their current positions. Conny Wittke, chief executive officer and president of Tweezerman and member of the Zwilling Beauty Group board, noted, “The acquisition of Alessandro offers great synergies for Tweezerman — the nail category keeps growing at a fast pace, and Alessandro offers a unique assortment of premium nail color and care with a European touch.”