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111 Skin Meso Infusion Micro Patches to Launch in May

The masks use small cones made of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that dissolve inside the skin to target expression lines.

Looking to capitalize on the latest trends in face-mask innovation, 111 Skin is launching its Meso Infusion Micro Patches, small masks that use tiny cones made of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin, in Barneys New York and Space NK Apothecary in May.

The patches are meant to target expression lines around the eyes or other areas of the face. Cones made up of 95.5 percent hyaluronic acid and 4.5 percent Vitamin C dissolve after penetrating the skin to deliver the ingredients.

“The masks can be created in a way that they have very small prongs, and those prongs actually are the active ingredients,” said Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111 Skin and plastic surgeon. “So instead of actually having the injection, one could apply the mask onto the skin and the prongs go through the skin…as they go inside the skin they gradually dissolve, giving all the active ingredients to the skin.”

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The two ingredients are fused together when they are in a liquid state, and those micro droplets are structured into cone shapes that penetrate the skin. “I’ve tried them myself…it’s a feeling of clinging onto the skin,” Alexandrides said. Meso Therapy, a popular process among Alexandrides’ clientele at his 111 Harley Street clinic during which hyaluronic acid is directly injected into the skin, inspired the patches. That procedure was conceptually combined with patented innovation from Korea to create the Meso Infusion Micro Patches, according to the company.

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“They are comparable to using a serum for a month” says Eva Alexandrides, cofounder of 111 Skin, who is married to Yannis. More masks are likely to come, using different formulations of active ingredients, Alexandrides said.

The Meso Infusion Micro Patches come during a busy launch season for the brand, which also has three other products going into Barneys this spring: Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Serum, Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Mask and Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion. 111 Skin develops most of its products in Bulgaria.

Growth in the skin care category has slowed recently, but as sub-categories, both masks and clinical skin care have grown. The change is due, in part, to changing demands from millennial consumers, according to a report by NPD.