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A TV Personality Turns Entrepreneur

Member of "Real Housewives of Dallas" cast launches a shin-care line.

Marie Reyes, who appears in Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas” as a friend of the five principal women, has introduced a four-unit skin-care line called Rags2Riches.

Reyes isn’t a trophy wife hoping to leverage her small degree of TV fame into a business. She is a registered nurse who has operated SkinSpaMed in Dallas since 2004 and also has a second unit nearby in Colleyville, Tex.

Since she’s been selling skin products and upscale services for a dozen years already, why introduce her own line now?

“I’m known for cherry picking a product out of every line, and I ended up with a shelf of one or maybe two products from 15 different manufacturers,” she explained. “These are the four components that I know a person needs every day, but I couldn’t find them formulated the way I wanted. I spent the last 18 months getting exactly what I wanted.”

Working with an independent Dallas laboratory, Reyes concocted three treatments and an antiaging sunscreen. She launched them June 1 in her spas and corporate web site and has had some inquiries about wholesaling.

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“A few places contacted us for product, and we just started sending them out,” she said. “Anything is possible going forward.”

The four step process begins with Retinol Crème de la Crème, a micro-encapsulated time-released retinol cream and Antioxidant Super-Charge Serum, a stabilized tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate that Reyes claims is 50 times more powerful than ascorbate. Both are offered in 1 oz. pumps priced at $180.

Reyes favorite serum is the Growth Factor Peptide Complex, a 1 oz. $225 cocktail of 53 amino acids and hyalauronic acid that is designed to accelerate cell replication and plump the skin. The final step is Sun Defense Tinted SPF 31, an antiaging zinc oxide sunscreen retailing at $80 for $1.7 oz. tube.

During product testing, subjects tracked by Visia skin analysis showed in some “really remarkable” improvement, Reyes said, but the product that generated the strongest feedback was the sunscreen, Reyes said.

“It’s something about the tint and glow, and it’s protecting and antiaging,” she said. “That is the one product that everybody comes back with goo-goo eyes.”

Naturally, Reyes mentioned the products during filming of “Real Housewives of Dallas” and gave them as gifts to the women during a birthday party, but those scenes didn’t make the final cut.

“I thought it would be a nice way to introduce it to America,” she said. “I don’t think it’s ever talked about in any of the edited footage.”

In fact, Bravo was very careful about giving any products airtime, she noted.

“It was interesting how many things we had to cover — the labels off of water bottles, even makeup containers if we were touching up makeup. All kinds of things had to be strategically covered with blurs.”

While Reyes was filmed working in her SkinSpaMed in a logo uniform, she hasn’t seen any bump in business and is unsure if she’ll recommit should the show be renewed for a second season. Two more episodes and a reunion haven’t aired yet.

“I’m trying to sit in the moment of seeing if this season made sense for me and my family and my business, and there’s still a question mark there,” Reyes said. “I just don’t know.”