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ACAI Ascending

More powerful than pomegranate! Better than blueberries!

More powerful than pomegranate! Better than blueberries! In the past couple of years, acai has been heralded as a superfood thanks to its extreme antioxidant properties. Now the Brazilian berry is popping up in beauty products, too. Tarte Cosmetics has incorporated it into its popular lip glosses and cheek stains, Raw Natural Beauty into foundations, Fresh in its new antiaging body moisturizer. “It’s one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet,” says Tarte’s Maureen Kelly. As such, acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is said to be particularly powerful at fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation. Says Fresh’s co-founder and president of R&D Lev Glazman, who’s been eating acai in a dried form for three years and became “obsessed” with finding it as a cosmetic grade ingredient, “This gives your skin natural protection from pollutants, free radicals and the environment. It helps even out the tone, reenergize cells and maintain the healthiness of the skin.” Super power indeed.