To amp up its first-ever consumer beauty brand Biossance, which launched in June, Amyris Inc. has partnered with a nonprofit organization called I Am That Girl, a global community that supports, highlights and encourages fulfillment of “the highest potential in every girl.”

“At the core of the Biossance brand, is a belief in empowering people to do the right thing — first by accessing the true beauty within, and second by enabling them to feel good throughout life,” said John Melo, president and chief executive officer or Amyris.

Amyris plans to support local I Am That Girl chapters around the country to address the emotional, mental and physical well-being of girls.

Set to kick off on July 23, the collaboration will begin with the “Summer School” program, a series of educational offerings designed to enable girls to harness their confidence and beauty from within. The partnership will entail a number of social media and other communications activities such as the 7-Day Embodied Challenge, which will promote positive endeavors through a social media campaign. Participants will have the chance to earn prizes, including one-on-ones with the community of experts supporting the Biossance brand.

Also, this team of Biossance experts will be leading a customized 30-day challenge this summer that will consist of tips, recipes, facts and content to encourage women to live life to the fullest — while elevating the beauty of their skin.

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“We want to utilize the partnership by connecting scientists, innovators and technologists with the girls that are members of I Am That Girl to mentor and to help grow great leaders that will make a difference to our planet,” Melo said. “We believe that the I Am That Girl members are the best spokespeople for our brand, they are powerful in their own right.”

Meanwhile, Amyris plans to establish a mentorship series with I Am That Girl, which will pair Amyris mentors and resources with girls from the I Am That Girl community, helping them create a professional and personal network of support.

“We only partner with brands who exemplify our values, not only as individuals but as a company,” said Emily Greener, cofounder and ceo of I Am That Girl. “Biossance believes in the beauty in our biology. Not only are the ingredients in Biossance clean and natural, but they are also using it to have a larger conversation about how girls and women feel about themselves.”

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