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Armani to Expand Skin-Care Offer

The Armani Prima series lines up six products for an all-day-long makeup glow.

Giorgio Armani Beauty introduced Armani Prima, its first advanced skin-care line aimed at improving skin quality and enhancing the makeup glow, for a long-lasting effect. Created in collaboration with Giorgio Armani international makeup artist Linda Cantello, the new beauty routine involves face, lip and eye-focused offerings. The products contain a blend of active ingredients designed to maintain the skin’s moisture level, strengthen its barrier and regulate sebum production.

“Today, we live in a fast-paced world. Women expect immediate results,” said Cantello, defining Armani Prima as “the first skin care conceived for makeup-wearers.”

The line’s name itself is a nod to an oil painting technique used by the Impressionists, who worked with natural light without retouching, which is the same goal these products aim to achieve.

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Already present in the U.S. with three out of six total products, the Armani Prima complete line will launch in Italy starting this week. The “Glow-on Moisturizing Balm,” “Day Long Skin Perfector/Trouble Zones” and “Eye & Lip Contour Perfector,” which are already available in the American market, will be complemented by “Smart Moisture Serum,” “Nourishing Glow Enhancer oil-in-gel” and “Make-up Fix.”

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Retailing at $110 for the 50-ml. format, the Glow-On Moisturizing Balm is an emulsion acting on the face’s internal and external skin layers. The internal phase maximizes the concentration of moisturizing and plumping active ingredients, while the external creates a protective barrier on the skin surface. Compatible with foundation for an easy makeup application, this product’s purpose is to keep the skin deeply moisturized, plumped with heightened radiance, thanks to the high concentration of hydrovance, hyaluronic acid and glycerin in its formula.

Also addressed to the face nourishment, the Smart Moisture Serum has a texture containing hyaluronic acid and red algae. These ingredients deliver brightness and deep hydration to the skin, due to cellular particles that keep the H2O molecules in the facial zones in need of more hydration. The Nourishing Glow Enhancer oil-in-gel takes the action further, providing intense nourishment and natural brightness to dry skins, in particular. Both products are slated to retail at 90 euros, or $101, at current exchange.

The specific action of Day-Long Skin Perfector/Trouble Zones targets eyelids, chin, forehead and any other area prone to shine or to have large pores. Controlling the skin’s water and lipid levels, this product is designed to absorb the sebum in excess and delivers an instant matte effect on the skin surface. Its milky gel texture makes trouble zones smoother, granting an easier foundation and eye-shadow application, at the price of $100 for the 30-ml. bottle.

Armani Prima Eye and Lip Contour Perfector is a two-in-one product containing buckwheat extract and haloxyl, which are meant to reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness over time. In addition to these, glycerin, Jojoba butter and hydralip provide intensified hydration and reduce fine lines. It retails at $70 for the practical 15-ml. format.

As a final touch, the refreshing Make-Up Fix secures the makeup thanks to an active principle called Aeroshield, which creates a light layer that protects the skin and makes it softer. The spray is slated to retail in a 150-ml. bottle for 45 euros, or $51, at current exchange.

In addition to the skin-care line, the Giorgio Armani Beauty fall offerings include two products specific for lips. “Him/Her Lipcare” has been presented as the brand’s first genderless lip balm, available in six natural tones and retailing at 28 euros, or $31. “Lip Magnet” is a feminine  new liquid lipstick, available in 18 tones ranging from nude to prune, and retailing in Italy at 35 euros, or $39 at current exchange, starting from next month.