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At-Home Facial Service The Ritualist Expands With Discovery Series

Starting with a peel from BeautyRx, The Ritualist will roll out new facial treatment offerings every six weeks.

The Ritualist is looking to expand the skin-care habits of its clients.

The business brings its aestheticians to clients’ home for facials and has teamed with BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz to add a peel to its service offerings. The addition is part of The Ritualist Discovery Series, a new initiative where the business will add a partnership with a new skin-care provider every six weeks.

The Ritualist has added Dr. Schultz’s BeautyRx Tetrafoliant 30% Peel, which aims to give customers brighter, smoother skin after a two-minute treatment. The service is offered in the office of New York dermatologist Dr. Schultz or at The Peel Bar, a quick-stop peel service from the brand. From The Ritualist, the peel will cost $89 as a stand-alone treatment or $50 as an add-on to a facial.

“The launch of the Peel Bar was designed to give our famed two-minute, no-irritation peels to everyone at an affordable price and our new partnership with The Ritualist is the next step in making our peels available to all, on-demand, even in their homes,” said Stuart Schultz, president of BeautyRx.

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“There is a demand for newness, and we just want to supply this demand, but in a safe way,” said Marta Cros, founder of The Ritualist, who said the Discovery Series was prompted in part by customer requests. “We know people like trying new things, but we also know a lot of them have had bad experiences,” she said, adding those bad experiences are often what lead customers to book facials through her company in the first place.

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“We feel it’s very important to have the guidance of an aesthetician…who can tell you ‘Listen, this is your skin type, these are the main concerns you have and these are the main things you should be using,’” Cros said.

From a business standpoint, Cros expects additional service offerings to result in more appointment bookings. Products, both from Apto (the brand The Ritualist uses) and the businesses that participate in the Discovery Series will be available online, or from aestheticians at people’s homes, Cros said.

Next up in the Discovery Series is a partnership with South Korean skin-care expert Glow Recipe that starts Nov. 15, according to Cros. New offerings will be rolled out every six weeks — the same length of time it generally takes skin to renew itself, she said.

Beyond adding product and service offerings, The Ritualist is planning to add new cities early next year, according to Cros. Right now, the service is offered in New York and San Francisco, and next year should roll into Miami and Los Angeles, she said.