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Au. Articles Carries Seasonally Curated Beauty Offerings

The bespoke luxury beauty and lifestyle brand offers two collections, fall and spring, to accommodate to the skin’s needs during each season.

Seasonal collections aren’t just a practice of fashion brands.

Au. Articles, a New York-based bespoke beauty and lifestyle brand, is breaking its business up into two collections, fall and spring, to tailor to the skin’s needs during each season.

“When you think about products, what every consumer buys, it’s always something that claims to work equally all year-round, yet the environment changes,” said Scott Miller, founder of Au. Articles. “The concept [of the brand] is to develop tailored collections with ingredients and a scent that’s relevant for that season.”

The brand’s spring collection will be launched April 26 with a fragrance oil, lip balm, cleanser, toner, serum, body crème and candle. The collection follows the January launch of the fall collection, which includes a moisturizer, body cleanser, hand soap, fragrance oil and candle. While the products are tailored for a specific season, both collections will be sold year-round.

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“It’s a new approach as opposed to not being so strict on this idea that one product can work for you year-round,” he continued. “[The brand] is actually paying attention to the seasons, paying attention to your skin and tailoring your routine to suit it.”

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Another differentiating point for the brand is its commitment to using 100 percent pure essential oils to create the products’ unisex fragrance. Miller, who comes from a background in architecture and interior design, became interested in fragrances during his design process, but was underwhelmed by the usage of synthetic ingredients in many home fragrances.

With the help of a bio-alchemist, Miller created unique fragrances for each collection that also impart benefits on the skin, like promoting cell regeneration and soothing irritation.

“I thought there was an opportunity to really home in and create unique ingredients and products that were far more niche than one size fits all,” Miller said on incorporating the fragrance into each collection.

“Marrakesh,” the spring 2017 collection’s scent, includes top notes of Moroccan rose and geranium, heart notes of rosewood and lemongrass and base notes of atlas cedar and amyris oil for a lightweight scent reminiscent of the region. “Ever Greene,” the fall 2017 collection’s scent, includes tops notes of patchouli and geranium, heart notes of Australian sandalwood and atlas cedar and base notes of bergamot and cardamom.

Each year, the brand will introduce a new fragrance for each season and add in additional products.

The fall collection ranges in price from $26 to $38 and the spring collection ranges from $10 to $36. Both collections can be found on the Au. Articles’ web site.