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Beauty Supplement Beauty Beneath Launches in the U.K.

The brand has been developed for Walgreens Boots Alliance and will be distributed exclusively at Boots U.K.

LONDON — Beauty Beneath, a new beauty supplement developed for Walgreens Boots Alliance, has launched in the U.K. market.

The supplement, which was developed by a team of beauty scientists and nutrition and skin-care experts, aims to prevent the signs of aging, and become part of a traditional daily skin-care routine.

The supplements will be exclusively distributed by Boots in the U.K., which is owned by the American holding company Walgreens Boots. They will be stocked in the retailer’s beauty aisles next to traditional skincare brands.

The formula is designed to tackle aging from beneath the surface of the skin as opposed to antiaging creams or serums which are applied on the surface. It contains marine collagen, which mirrors the collagen found in the skin’s dermis layer, fatty acids and a range of minerals and vitamins including vitamins C and E and zinc.

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Joe Mitchell, the new brand’s global marketing manager, said the beauty-supplements industry has shown significant growth across the U.K. and Ireland in the past year, and pointed out that products are becoming more specialized to specific needs, moving away from all-in-one hair, nail and skin formulations.

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Also, according to Mitchell the range of formats in the supplements market has increased, from liquids to powders and gummies, and these products are now presented using more appealing design and packaging methods, similar to that of beauty products.

Luxury online retailers such as Net-a-porter have also began to stock a range of supplements in their beauty sections including The Super Elixir powder developed by Elle Macpherson and protein powders or Omega capsules by Bodyism.

“At Beauty Beneath we believe in specialization as opposed to the historical catch-all approach,” said Mitchell. “We’ve also seen brands starting to move away from more traditional vitamin-style containers to instead adopt beauty design cues. That was really important for us — from the distinctive pearlescent capsules to the pink and gold packaging, Beauty Beneath has been developed to mirror the cues, language and targeted focus of prestige skin care, designed to look good enough to sit on our consumer’s dressing table as part of their beauty regime.”

To reinforce the product’s design aesthetic and its position within the beauty sector, the company has also shot a campaign that mirrors editorialized images one would come across in glossy magazines and recruited the aesthetician Shani Darden as an ambassador, who has garnered a wide following on social media platforms thanks to her famous clients, which include Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Chrissy Teigen.