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YouTube Pros Shots Studios Gets Into Beauty With Loops Beauty

Shots Studios, mobile-first content creators who count Netflix, Spring and Axe as former collaborators, joined forces with brand incubator Syllable on their first CPG launch.

Brand incubator Syllable is teaming up with mobile-first content creators at Shots Studios on a new skin-care launch. Loops Beauty is the first brand launched by Syllable, as well as by Shots Studios, which has partnered with Netflix, Sprint and Axe. Shots Studios partners with a variety of creators in the YouTube space, including Hannah Stocking, Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso and Delaney Glazer, who each have 7.2 million, seven million, five million and 264,000 subscribers, respectively.

The line, called Loops, launched in February with a variety of hydrogel masks for face, lips and eyes. The brands’ offerings range from $20 to $55. They are available for sale on the brand’s web site, with plans to diversify their retailers by the fall of 2020. An industry source projects between $8 million and $10 million in retail sales for their first year.

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Tushar Adya, chief executive officer and cofounder of Syllable, the brand creator focused on CPG categories, said their retail will stick mostly to the digital space. “We do have a robust product pipeline,” he said. “If we were to consider brick-and-mortar, it would be more experiential.”

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The partners hope to capitalize on the explosion in beauty by taking a simplified approach to skin-care regimes. With that in mind, the products are named after the situations they are most appropriate for, such as “Sunrise Service” intended for morning use, or “Clean Slate” to cleanse skin after exercising.

“Our messaging has shifted to be much more around #selfcareloops, since we believe our product offers an affordable ‘stay-at-home’ option for peace of mind and relaxation amidst this pandemic,” Adya said.

The consumer Adya and his partners are going after are those less acquainted with skin care than a hard-core beauty lover. “We weren’t trying to win over that 1 percent of beauty enthusiasts with seven-step routines,” said Sam Shahidi, cofounder of Shots Studios. “How do we win over everyone else?”

Shots Studios manages the social media marketing, while Syllable made the initial investment in the brand. Shahidi’s role in the partnership includes enlisting Shots Studios’ roster of creators, which includes YouTubers Rudy Mancuso and Lele Pons, to help promote the brand. When asked what a partnership with a creator looks like for Loops, he didn’t have a rubric in mind, and is actively scouting more creators, but mentioned that the key to social marketing lies in flexibility for an evolving, timely messaging approach.

“Shots Studios has always been able to find new ways on how to connect with an engaging audience on social media, days, weeks, or months before other brands catch on,” Shahidi said. “This is from being forward-thinking with all platforms, from new product initiatives at Instagram to TikTok trends before they hit the masses.”