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Biotherm Hits Reset in Facial Care

The brand is relaunching Aquasource Gel and celebrating 30 years in men’s skin care.

PARIS — Biotherm is ready for a new era in facial care.

After three years honing its sustainable image, focusing on its aquatic roots and simplifying its offer, the L’Oréal-owned brand is ready for the next phase.

“We feel that we’re at a very healthy position now in skin care,” said Biotherm International general manager Patrick Kullenberg. “We’ve clarified our catalogue; there’s been a lot of change.”

Three years ago, the brand introduced antiaging offer Blue Therapy, which Kullenberg claims is now in the top 10 of antiaging products in Europe. It has also introduced energizing offer Skin Best and canceled several smaller lines.

But Aquasource, its third range focused on hydration, and notably its top-selling facial-care stockkeeping unit, Aquasource Gel, had seen little in the way of renewal.

“It’s been several years since Aquasource has had an upgrade, and it’s important that a brand like ours brings innovation,” said Kullenberg, who added the line has seen consistent double-digit growth over the past 10 years. “The mistake would be to just go to the next big thing.”

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The new Aquasource Gel is supercharged in the brand’s core ingredient, Life Plankton, at 10 percent concentration, and also includes patented moisture agent Mannose.

Biotherm declares it maintains optimum hydration levels for at least seven hours, even when impacted by factors like pollution, wind and air quality — the brand says it can prove thanks to a new tool, Biotherm Water Scan.

The February launch is accompanied by the introduction of Total Eye Revitalizer and Night Spa.

The 50-ml. Aquasource gel is priced at 39 euros, or $44 at current exchange; the 15-ml. eye product at 28.50 euros, or $32.20, and the 50-ml. sleeping pack at 42 euros, or $47.45.

From Asia comes Life Plankton Essence, a product that combines the concentration of a serum with the texture of a cosmetic water, launched there last year and now being introduced in Europe.

“It’s turned the destiny of the brand around in countries where we were not having great results, like [the Association of Southeast Asian Nations], where…we’ve ended the year beating the market thanks to the launch,” Kullenberg commented.

Advertising materials are fronted by Leighton Meester, Biotherm’s global ambassador.

“I love their sense of beauty, which is very natural, very clean, and I would only work with a brand like Biotherm because I use it,” said Meester.

The brand is also focusing on marketing its aquatic origins, and three years ago launched the Biotherm Water Lovers program. Since 2012, it has donated 450,000 euros, or $508,360, to ocean protection NGO Mission Blue.

“If we look at selective consumers around the world, natural goes hand-in-hand with an ethical approach to doing business, and these consumers are increasingly au fait that they can make [an impact] using their wallet,” said Kullenberg.

Executives declined to discuss sales projections, but according to industry sources, the revamped Aquasource line could do upward of 100 million euros, or $112 million, in retail sales this year.