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Bliss Enters Antiaging Category With New Skin Care Range

Industry sources believe Blisslabs Active 99.0 could generate $10 million globally in its first year at retail.

Known for its cheeky take on spa treatments and products, Bliss is stepping into the world of serious skin care. On Oct. 20, the brand will launch Blisslabs Active 99.0, a new antiaging line, which industry sources believe could generate $10 million globally in its first year at retail.

“Bliss always has this fun, quirky way about ourselves, but when it comes to Blisslabs, this is no joke,” said Bliss World president Mike Indursky. “This is high-efficacy, high-power skin care.”

Priced between $60 for a cleanser and $160 for a serum, the seven-piece collection, which took three years to develop, reflects Bliss’ highest product price points and most advanced formulas to date.

“This line isn’t for everyone. It is costly to make,” said Indursky, adding that the range is 99 percent water-free to keep the formulas as efficacious as possible. “We decided to be incredibly exclusive with this. It will be only available in our spas, on our Web site, and through some select high-end, third-party spas and cruise ships [in January].”

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The range, which is named after a Bliss antiaging spa treatment of the same name, which utilizes microcurrent massage to push ingredients like kojic acid, phyto-retinoids, gardenia stem cells and niacinimide into the skin, includes a cleanser; serum; mask; day, night and eye creams, and an SPF 30 sunscreen. Each Active 99.0 product features a cocktail of the same ingredients that are used in the $275 minute facial, which will launch at Bliss spas on Nov. 1.

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“Our spas are like living labs. We touch a quarter of a million people, and have over 500 technicians from around the world,” said Indursky. “We take that expertise and insight, and that’s what differentiates us. We aren’t relying on one dermatologist or a research and development center. We are relying on [aestheticians] who are touching women every day.”

To market the new line, Bliss will utilize in-house social media channels as well as the Bliss catalogue and sampling via top spa clients. Additionally, the Bliss 99.0 Multi-Layer Facial will be offered via GiltCity for a value price in November, in a move to expand the brand’s high-end client base. Talks are also under way for the collection, which will enter Europe and Asia next year, to also be sold through an additional “select retailer” next year.

“When I think of the history of Bliss, the demand people have is greater and greater [in terms of] redness, lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone and pigmentation,” said Indursky, adding that the target demographic includes a “wide range” of women from their mid-30s to mid-60s. “Now is the time to come out with an exclusive line for people looking for transformational change.”