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Boots Serums Target Mature Skin

The British beauty and pharmaceutical brand is looking to up its antiaging arsenal.

British beauty and pharmaceutical brand Boots is looking to up its antiaging arsenal.

Next month, Boots will introduce two serums for women 45 and older, No7 Lift & Luminate Day Serum and No7 Lift & Luminate Night Serum, designed to tighten and brighten aging skin.

“We are in a very unique situation because we work alongside health-care colleagues in the labs,” said Mike Bell, Boots’ scientific skin-care advisor. “This [collaboration] really has an effect especially when you look at delivery systems.”

The items, which were in development for six years, are said to deliver three benefits: reduce lines and wrinkles, firm skin and lighten pigmentation.

“We found that age spots are a priority concern for more-mature skin,” said Bell. “These serums contain our proprietary Protect and Perfect technology, which we know works to repair the skin’s elasticity, but we added the capability of targeting pigmentation.”

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The day serum contains a blend of sophora, kiwi and vitamin C to address dark spots, an antioxidant complex featuring mulberry, ginseng and vitamin C alongside firming vitamin A and peptides. The nighttime iteration, designed to replenish skin’s moisture barrier, includes a new technology called PHA, designed to exfoliate skin while evening skin tone. “[It] is a very unique ingredient in that it is like a peel but more gentle,” said Bell, adding that studies revealed the serums fade age spots and firm skin in four weeks. “It has skin-rejuvenating benefits and works best at night.”

According to Bell, Boots utilizes a large testing pool of more than 50,000 people to ensure its products will work across ethnic groups and skin tones. The brand also works with the University of Manchester, which specializes in hyperpigmentation, on product development.

“We base everything that we do on science and that comes essentially from our background in pharmacy,” said Gordon Farquhar, managing director for Boots Retail USA. “One hundred and fifty years ago, our founder, Jesse Boot, realized people were paying too much for medicine so he started making his own and bringing it to the masses. That DNA still runs through our company today.”

Boots entered Target in 2007 and is now sold through 1,800 Target doors and select Walgreens across the U.S. This summer the company, which offers about 10,000 medicinal and beauty products in the U.K., launched hair care line Mark Hill, No7 Men and Indeed Laboratories in partnership with Walgreens. Boots also entered Ulta in 2011 and is now sold through more than 575 Ulta doors.

Although the brand is available in more than 25 countries, Farquhar said expansion is still a focus. “We are building to be a global brand and usable for all skin types,” he said. “We pick up on early developments in parts of the world and transfer it to other parts.”

Although the brand would not disclose numbers, industry sources estimate the new serums, which retail for $24.99 and will be available at Target and select Walgreens, could generate $10 million in the first year.