BROOKLYN BEAUTY ONLINE: Four of the 10 natural, independent beauty brands from Brooklyn currently showcased in Paris’ Colette will host live online workshops during New York Fashion Week.

By signing on to ( 20 people can take part in each of the free live Webcam ateliers (in English, between next Tuesday and Sept. 14) with the creators of Phoenix Botanicals, Between You and the Moon, Sprout and Soapwalla. They’ll focus on how to make products and take care of skin naturally.

On Monday, there will be a workshop on detoxifying for healthier skin with Sprout founder Adina Grigore. And on Tuesday, Phoenix Botanical creator Irina Adam is to host an atelier on making whole plant extracts, for instance.

As reported, the other Brooklyn-based brands carried in the specialty store that were invited by Vogue France include Apotheke Co., D.S. & Durga, Goldies, Love Nature NYC, McBride Beauty and MCMC Fragrances. All of the labels will be there until the end of October, after which some might be carried full-time.