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Caudalie’s Mathilde Thomas on her Newest Book

Thomas wrote her second book to share everything she has learned in over the last 20 years.

Mathilde Thomas, cofounder of Caudalie, wrote her second book, The French Beauty Solution, for two reasons.

“I spent my life with scientists, dermatologists, aestheticians and therapists in my spa and I wanted to infuse the book with everything I have learned over the last 20 years,” said Thomas. “The second reason is because I moved to New York five years ago and it was a shock. I discovered a country where the beauty habits are very different. I toured a Sephora store and I met about 5,000 American women. They all wanted the same thing, which was to have wonderful skin, but they said that skin care was complex.”

So what can Americans learn from Thomas?

• Beauty is not about a quick fix or instant gratification.
• On appreciating beauty: “Beauty is not a war. You should enjoy using products.”
• On skin care being easy: “I explain how to adopt an effective skin-care routine and how to decode a label.”
• The no makeup, makeup look from the French.
• On the three-day grape cleanse. “It’s not expensive and great for skin.”
• DIY skin-care recipes using ingredients found in a fridge.

The book, which is priced at $27, will launch in July at Barnes & Noble and

“[The book] was very time-consuming,” said Thomas. “I’m moving to Hong Kong with our three kids and Bertrand [Thomas] for the next two years to expand the Asian market. So maybe the next book [will come from that experience.]”