Cetaphil turns 70.

Cetaphil, a therapeutic skin-care line frequently recommended by dermatologists and beauty editors, turns 70 today.

In an industry where ingredient trends come and go, Cetaphil’s sales have stayed steady. In fact, according to IRI figures for the 12-week period ended Aug. 13, in multiunit doors, its facial cleanser sales rose almost 9 percent, hand and body lotions expanded close to 12 percent and the body wash boosted volume by another 5 percent. Retailers noted that Cetaphil is producing gains at a time when other brands are challenged in the therapeutic subcategory of skin care. L’Oréal is increasing its efforts behind CeraVe, which it acquired in January. AB Brands is building up a relatively new brand called Aquation.

Cetaphil “grease-free” washable base. 

Sean Clark, vice president and general manager, consumer business for Nestlé Skin Health North America, said “Cetaphil makes every effort to work hand-in-hand with medical experts to develop new, scientifically tested solutions to meet the individual needs of consumers with varying skin types and concerns.” He noted that the formulas are gentle, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.


Video campaign celebrates “firsts.” 

To herald the milestone, Cetaphil released a video campaign called “Cetaphil Inspirational Firsts,” highlighting many firsts, such as the story of Fay Fuller, the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. In the spot, another Fay, Fay Lewis, discusses how Fuller inspired her and highlights her trust in favorite skin-care brand Cetaphil. There is also a flash sale and direct download coupons.

According to data from researcher Kline, therapeutic skin-care brands are among the fastest-growing sectors in the mass and prestige skin-care business as consumers look for more serious solutions to problems such as eczema and skin discoloration.