Whether they make fun of the device for its vibrating features or use it themselves, men are about to get a Clarisonic specifically made for their shaven or bearded faces.

On July 27, the company is launching the Alpha Fit on Clarisonic.com to target men’s resilient skin.

“Men need a more vigorous cleanse [than women], especially in the beard area,” said Dr. Robb Akridge, cofounder and president at Clarisonic, noting there are two settings — one for bearded skin and one for clean-shaven skin. “Number two is more vigorous than number one; and that helps lift up all the whiskers and get rid of that dead skin at the base so that they get a softer beard, or a smoother shave.”

The device even has a new design. The orblike tool, which is meant to feel like a barber brush, is compact and utilizes a stiffer brush head, made of DuPont super soft elastomer filaments that are rounded at the end.

To use in tandem with the brush, Clarisonic will offer the Alpha Fit Cleanse, a blend of caffeine and ginseng intended to stimulate the skin.

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“We know that the men have secretly been stealing the Clarisonic from their girlfriends and their wives,” added Akridge. “They get caught and usually what happens is they buy another brush head or the women in their lives buy the unit for them or give them the old one and they take the new one.”

To that end, the company is hoping to generate sales by targeting two core markets: the women who are buying for their men and the early adopters who are into tech and gadgetry. Both will be spoken to through social media.

“We’re going to talk to women who are buying for men, especially around gifting season,” noted Stuart Leitch, general manager, U.S. at Clarisonic “We’ll leverage that as much in store and play as much in social channels as we can to be a little quirky and different around our messaging.”

The Alpha Fit and Alpha Cleanse will be sold at Sephora, Ulta, Dillard’s and Nordstrom beginning mid-August for $189.

Although Leitch wouldn’t talk financials, industry sources estimate that the Alpha Fit could do $15 million to $20 million at retail in its first year on shelves.

“The men’s market was always rooted in shaving,” said Leitch. “We thought a lot about that, but we know that almost 50 percent of the men in North America have some sort of facial hair. For those men who are still interested in their appearance and still want clean skin, the trick for us is how to we talk to them.”

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