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Clean, Sustainable, Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand Cyan Launches

Founder Ali Grace Marquart is releasing two products, a serum and moisturizer.

“We set out to create a brand and products that would speak to and be effective for everyone, regardless of age or identity,” said Ali Grace Marquart, founder of clean and gender-neutral skin-care brand Cyan, which launches today. “I don’t think our desire to share is limited to the gender with which we identify, and these are products that are intended to be shared.”

Marquart is releasing two products — the $48 Atlantic Serum and $52 Pacific Moisturizer, made with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and ceramides. Using pharmacopeia-grade ingredients, both natural and synthetic, products are nontoxic and produced in FDA-certified labs in small batches.

“Normally serums are priced higher because they are more concentrated, but we packed this multitasking moisturizer so full of actives that play wonderfully together that it eliminates the need for all of these different steps and products,” she added.

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The serum has malachite, she continued, “a sacred stone of Ancient Egypt and is a holistic stress filter. We also combined a powerful root complex used in ancient Chinese medicine to reinforce the skin’s barrier against free radicals and oxidative stress and smooth the complexion with more hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to deliver amazing results.”

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Cyan’s $48 Atlantic Serum Courtesy

Originally from Park City, Utah, and now based in Los Angeles, Marquart was a competitive snowboarder before turning her attention to law and starting her own firm in 2013, which was acquired by a larger bicoastal firm four years later. After her first pregnancy, she and her husband decided to live “more intentionally,” making purchases that aligned with their values. It’s then that she ventured into clean beauty.

“My father was an early partner in a company that is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of high performance, natural and organic beauty products,” she said. “When they started the company in 2004, clean had yet to enter the lexicon, so they referred to it as green beauty. Though he’s no longer directly involved, the group is still like family, and I always knew I would develop something incredible with them one day.”

Marquart is working to make the brand as sustainable as possible. She refers to the endeavor as “circular beauty”: “It’s difficult to ignore how the current extractive industrial model and our entire way of consuming and discarding has contributed to the dire state of our amazing planet. Because of that, in order to really make a difference, I knew we would have to hold Cyan to standards that went beyond basic sustainability. To us, circular beauty is really about designing products where every element can be reused or recycled in order to eliminate waste, so that is our ultimate goal. We have a good system in place to achieve this and will continue to refine our processes and products to ensure that is achieved in the most efficient way possible.”

What’s next? Marquart said the company is developing more products. “But exactly what we release and when we do so will be guided by the community we are working to build,” she added.

The Pacific Moisturizer costs $52.