It’s no secret that customization is top of mind for beauty consumers.

In July, Cover FX launched Custom Infusion Drops, a lineup of four serums infused with vitamins and essential oils that can be dropped into foundation for extra skin-care benefits.

“[During one of our management meetings] we were talking about how our customers, primarily in the past, had so many skin issues,” said Sharon Collier, chief executive officer of Cover FX. “We started thinking about how can we create a product that would actually drop into a primer and target a specific pain point.”

There are four iterations of serum each targeting a different skin concern. Jasmine mixed with Vitamin A is for antiaging. Chamomile blended with vitamin E is meant to calm the complexion. Neroli and vitamin F are to help hydrate, while lemongrass and Vitamin C is said to boost radiance.

“We really found that our customer is loving this customization,” said Collier, referring to its successful launch in March called Custom Cover Drops, which is expanding from 24 to 40 shades in the fall. “We think that there are endless opportunities to literally create product where you can drop into your makeup and really boost or provide a benefit that you might want one day and not want the next.”

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Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops will be sold exclusively at Sephora and Sephora in J.C. Penney in late August for $48 each. In the U.K. it will be available at Space NK.

Although Collier wouldn’t talk financials, industry sources estimate that the Custom Infusion Drops could do $5 million at retail in its first year on shelves.

“Cover FX has created a unique and very popular complexion customization system,” said Alison Hahn, vice president and divisional merchandise manager of color at Sephora. “Being able to customize products to an individual’s need is becoming increasingly popular. We do believe more products will launch in the future to satisfy that demand.”

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