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DDF to Offer Sephora Shoppers Skin Evaluation

Technology is a combination of software by DDF, dermatologists and Canfield Scientific, which uses technology previously available at a dermatologist’s office.

DDF Skincare is launching in January to select Sephora store events a technology that will allow skin care consumers the ability to receive an on-site skin evaluation.

The DDF Skin Evaluation System is a combination of software developed by DDF, dermatologists and a leading clinical imaging provider, Canfield Scientific, which utilizes technology previously only available at a dermatologist’s office. According to DDF, which is owned by Procter & Gamble Co., 64 percent of women have never had a dermatologist assess their skin.

“Because more than 78 percent of women only think about their symptoms when making skin care decisions, their skin is not able to reach its full potential,” stated Dr. Howard Sobel, dermatologist and DDF founder. The system, he said, enables consumers to see their skin at a microscopic level, providing a detailed skin assessment to better understand and start preventing root causes.

The DDF Skin Evaluation System was developed by DDF with Dermscope, which has built-in software to grade skin appearance according to five key skin dimensions: wrinkles, pores, skin tone evenness, skin clarity and skin sensitivity. The technology looks to allow a skin care consultant to create a personalized protocol. During the DDF Skin Evaluation, consumers are asked about their skin type, skin concerns and lifestyle, as well as their primary skin concern. After the images are taken, a “map” is identified, products are recommended and a printout of one’s assessment is made available so consumers can track their progress.

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