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Dennis Gross Skin Care Unveils Makeup Artist Professional Program

The plan is to get skin-care products in the hands of more makeup artists and their celebrity clients.

Could skin care become a social media sensation?

Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care is betting the answer to that question is yes.

The brand is set to launch a professional program on its web site this month that will give qualified professionals a 40 percent discount on skin-care products to use on their clients. The idea is that the makeup artists themselves are influencers, and between their social media followers and the followers of celebrity clients — buzz will abound.

“These are influencers,” said Carrie Gross, chief executive officer of Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care, and the wife of New York dermatologist Dennis Gross. “They’re huge — it’s fun to be able to get our product in the hands of major celebrities through this channel. It’s exiting from a social perspective and it’s also so visual — this is going to be huge for us.”

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Dennis Gross Skin Care Creates Makeup Artist Professional Program
Dennis Gross Skin Care will launch its professional page.

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The brand has worked with makeup artist Renee Garnes, who has celebrity clients such as Kelly Rowland, Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell, as well as Florido Basalo, who counts Karlie Kloss among clients. To buy discounted products, makeup artists can go to the brand’s web site and fill out an online application accessed through the toolbar of the homepage. Applicants will need to submit their portfolio or other work for approval, and then purchase products quarterly.

“It’s a good thing for up-and-coming makeup artists,” said Katie Jane Hughes, a New York-based makeup artist with more than 37,000 Instagram followers, who noted that the concept is uncommon. Makeup brands frequently offer artists professional discounts, but that is less common — though not unheard of — in skin care. (Bobbi Brown, for example, offers discounts on makeup and skin care.)

“Skin and makeup, it’s all blending, so it’s a perfect bridge for our brand into the artistry world,” Gross said. “If they take care of their skin, their makeup is going to be flawlessly applied.

“There are a lot of makeup brands out there that don’t have skin care, and honestly, it made sense [after] partnering with artists when we do events in store,” Gross continued. “When we’re working in Sephora and we give the Beauty Studio team peel pads to put in their belt, they see the difference — they’ll prep half the face with products and half without and clients can see the value of quality skin care.”

Also in July, Dennis Gross Skin Care is poised to expand in London with a move into Harrods Urban Retreat. “We’re branding a treatment room and having five facials on the menu,” Gross said.

The brand will also be selling its full lineup at the store. It made its first major move into London earlier this year with Selfridges and is planning to ramp up international growth in the coming months. “We’re very focused on Asia and the Middle East in conjunction with this move,” Gross said.

Dennis Gross Skin Care is also launching an influencer campaign for its SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED device, which launched in April. “The makeup artists should have a field day with it,” Gross said. “It’s a great eye makeup prepping device.”

Back in New York, Dennis Gross is debuting a facelift alternative called the Instalift, which uses a collagen-stimulating thread attached to multiple points under the skin to lift the face. “It has really rounded out what is available in the dermatology world,” Dennis Gross said. “There’s Botox to relax muscles, there’s fillers to plump the skin, there’s lasers to firm and smooth, and now there’s InstaLift to reposition the skin.”

“Fillers can only do so much,” he added.