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Derm Institute Builds Up in U.S. Market

The skin-care brand is adding more Space NK doors and planning to launch on

Prestige skin-care brand Derm Institute is making its way back into the U.S. market.

The business is expanding the line’s distribution to eight more Space NKs in the U.S. this January, plus launching a new product — Youth Alchemy Eye Serum — in February. Derm Institute first started selling in eight SpaceNK shops in the U.S. in mid-2016, according to Annie Hsu, operations director.

Derm Institute was started back in 2008 by Young Lin and a scientific team based in Florida. Prompted by a family member’s skin problems after chemotherapy, Lin decided to create a skin-care brand that combined DNA science with herbal extracts meant to support healthy skin function.

“He launched in Taiwan first, he started with premium-only department stores,” Hsu said. “Within two years we had major success so we expanded our geography to Hong Kong…within two years we’d been doing very well there, so we expanded into China.”

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Looking for further growth, the company is now turning to U.S. and European markets.

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“Because of the success in Asia, Young decided it [was] time to bring the brand back to where it was born,” said Hsu of the expansion into the U.S. market, adding she believes the reason the brand resonates with the modern consumer is its marriage of science with natural skin care. “We’re high-tech and natural, together,” she added, noting that while the line originated its sales in Asia, Derm Institute has found that the hero products — Youth Alchemy Eye cream and Alpha Hydration Gel Mask — are bestsellers in both the Asian and U.S. markets.

In addition to the U.S. Space NK rollout, the Derm Institute will soon launch on, four Space NK locations in Canada, and Space NK in the U.K., according to Hsu. Industry sources estimate that the business has about $5 million in sales, and should grow about 50 percent during 2017.

The company makes four product lines, meant to target specific skin concerns and “fix problems from the inside out,” Hsu said: The Youth Alchemy collection, Cellular Rejuvenating collection, Antioxidant Hydration collection and Cellular Brightening collection.

As an addition to its Youth Alchemy group, Derm Institute is launching the Youth Alchemy Eye Serum, which aims to de-puff, moisturize and protect eyes from a computer’s blue light, in addition to other screens’ potentially harmful effects. The serum contains Cell-Youthifier Tech, an ingredient that aims to repair and strengthen skin at a cellular level, Gem Peptide, which aims to help skin self-heal, Hydrating, Detoxifying and Renewal Complex, which pushes hyaluronic acid into the skin to improve elasticity, Liposhield HEV, which aims to protect against the aforementioned damage from screens, and other ingredients.