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Dermalogica Takes on Dirty Air in Latest Skin-care Launch

The brand expects Daily Superfoliant, which reinforces its position as an exfoliation authority, to be its biggest introduction in 2017.

Dermalogica is the newest member of the skin-care segment’s pollution-fighting forces.

In what’s anticipated to be its biggest 2017 launch, the Unilever-owned brand is releasing Daily Superfoliant on Jan. 3 to address the dirt and grime in the air that afflicts faces as well as lungs. Priced at $58 for a 2-oz. bottle, the product builds upon Dermalogica’s formidable legacy in exfoliation forged over a decade ago with the introduction of its best-selling resurfacer Daily Microfoliant.

“There has been a sense that pollution sits on your skin, you wash your face and it’s gone. In fact, pollution lodges within your skin and, more nefariously, materials adhere to particulates and those lodge into the skin, and lead to the signs we associate with accelerated aging,” said Mathew Divaris, vice president of global marketing at Dermalogica. “Daily Superfoliant is a similar powder form to Daily Microfoliant, but it produces a deeper level of exfoliation and has a slightly higher pH that opens the pores for the activated Binchotan charcoal in it to help absorb pollutants lodged in the skin.”

Dermalogica pioneered mild exfoliators in a reversal of heavy scrubbers popular in the past — and that certainly haven’t been completely abandoned — that caused raw, damaged skin. Although Daily Superfoliant, with its carefully orchestrated blend of Binchotan charcoal powder, a form of charcoal derived from the Japanese tree Ubame Oak cherished for its purity, niacinamide, malic and lactic acids, papain, lipase and subtilisin enzymes, and rice bran and tara fruit extracts, boosts the exfoliation strength from its predecessor Daily Microfoliant, it’s still designed to be a delicate for continuous application.

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“The idea is, after a day out and about in your city, you use Daily Superfoliant as part of your nighttime regime so you are removing pollutants from your skin before you go to bed. It was important for us to have a product gentle enough for daily use because pollution is not a once a week issue,” said Divaris. “What’s also nice about Daily Superfoliant is that, especially if you are using it in combination with Dermalogica Double Cleanse, not only are you getting rid of the pollution in your skin, you are getting rid of long-wear makeup, sunscreens and other stuff on your skin, so you are left with a clean slate for nighttime treatment products.”

A critical challenge for Dermalogica as it rolls out Daily Superfoliant is to connect pollution to fine lines, brown spots and uneven skin tone in the minds of skin-care consumers. To draw that connection, the brand cites internal research linking increases in soot and particles generated by traffic to a 20 percent bump in pigmentation spots, and a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showing a significant correlation between air pollution and signs of aging. In addition, Dermalogica is unveiling a skin pollution index tool at that reveals the pollution intensity in customers’ locations and assists them in understanding skin-care risks related to the pollution surrounding them. Skin-care therapists will turn to the tool in stores and spas for education purposes.

Daily Superfoliant marks the second product Dermalogica is inaugurating at the 100-plus countries it is sold in across the globe simultaneously. Ulta Beauty, Bluemercury, and authorized Dermalogica spas, salons and skin centers will carry it. “In our hyper-connected world, if I live in South Africa, for example, I’m not happy to wait nine months for a product launched in the U.S. to get to me. The world has become small, and we have stepped up to the challenge,” said Divaris. “It allows for enthusiasm that a staggered launch does not.”