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Oil Boom at Dermalogica: Skin-Care Brand Launches Phyto Replenish Oil

The brand expects the product that helps overcome oil phobia in the American skin-care market to be its biggest launch of the year.

Dermalogica wants customers to do the dew.

In what’s expected to be its biggest launch this year, the Unilever-owned skin-care brand is introducing Phyto Replenish Oil in the U.S., U.K. and Canada on Sept. 1 before the product rolls out to additional international markets in October and November. Priced at $75 for a 1-oz. bottle, it will be available at Ulta Beauty, Bluemercury, and professional salons and spas.

“Phyto active plant oils help consumers who might have a slightly impaired skin barrier function to restore their skin’s natural barrier to avoid environmental assault and the inflammaging that results from that, which is inflammation linked to premature aging of the skin,” said Mathew Divaris, vice president of global marketing and creative at Dermalogica. “In working through the formula, we found that, in restoring that healthy barrier, we were also able to help clients achieve a dewy look where the skin radiates with minimal makeup and intervention.”

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Phyto Replenish Oil is being unleashed to an American market containing a base, albeit a shrinking one, of oil-phobic skin-care customers. To challenge the notion that oils leave skin greasy, Dermalogica spent a year fine-tuning the product’s ingredients to make certain they’re easily absorbed into the skin. Phyto Replenish Oil features a blend of camellia japonica, hyaluronic acid, orchid flower extract, and rice bran, sunflower seed, chia seed and tamanu oils.

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“I do think the U.S. is coming around. Consumers have been exposed to oils first very much in hair care, and now we are seeing them a lot in skin care,” said Divaris. “We are trying to educate consumers by getting them hands-on with the product so they can see it’s not overly rich. In fact, it’s very light. We have a unique opportunity at Dermalogica because we are in skin-care centers, and consumers really trust the advice of their skin therapists. Once they have sampled the product, we are seeing a spectacular response.”

With Americans warming up to oils, Divaris believes Phyto Replenish Oil will have immense worldwide appeal. “For the Northern Hemisphere, as we approach winter, that’s a time of year when you see your skin barrier compromised by the winter weather and by heating,” he said. “Because this is a light and readily absorbed oil, and the look of dewiness is very much in favor, we expect that, with the Southern Hemisphere getting into the full tilt of summer, the product will be applicable there, too.”

Dermalogica created a quick at-home service called Dewy Skin DIY and a 10-minute professional service called Dewy Skin Face Fit to get customers acquainted with Phyto Replenish Oil. Divaris detailed the professional service includes cleansing, exfoliation and the use of Phyto Replenish Oil. He pointed out the service can be incorporated into events and performed inside stores that sell Dermalogica products. “We tap the power of the skin therapist to educate the customer in a technique that they could do at home,” said Divaris.

The Dewy Skin DIY at-home service has four steps that involve delicately massaging the forehead, eyes, cheeks and jawline. “It releases tension, and gently stimulates circulation in the skin, which gives it radiance. The manipulation by the hands also enhances the penetration of the product,” explained Divaris. Dermalogica is planning to spotlight Dewy Skin DIY in its social media outreach for Phyto Replenish Oil.

Although color cosmetics seldom enter the equation at Dermalogica, the brand discovered Phyto Replenish Oil is a fit for light makeup wearers seeking a dewy rather than matte beauty look and light or heavy makeup wearers desiring longer wear from their makeup. In its product development process, Dermalogica enlisted makeup artists along with it customary skin therapists to verify the oil didn’t interfere with their makeup wearing. “We found the opposite. It provides for great wear,” said Divaris. “It is a multitasker. It has therapeutic skin benefits and, yet, there are so many ways this product plays nicely with color customers.”