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Dior and Boston Professor to Research Cellular Aging Reversal

The beauty brand has teamed with Vadim N. Gladyshev, a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

PARIS — With the aim of reversing cellular aging, Parfums Christian Dior has entered into a research collaboration with Vadim N. Gladyshev, a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston.

“Through science, we are now able to decipher the underlying biomolecular mechanisms responsible for the aging of cells,” said Dior in a statement. “This is a process that can be targeted, with the potential to slow or reverse it.”

These days, there is an increasing focus on the convergence of health, beauty and longevity, and the implications that might have on the hair and skin care categories.

Dior and Gladyshev’s research program is billed to be the world’s first dedicated to human skin rejuvenation in the field of age reversal. They will set out to clarify the biomolecular mechanisms of skin aging, decipher biological aging of skin and remodel the skin for “lasting youth.”

“The Gladyshev laboratory has sequenced and characterized the genomes, transciptomes and metabolomes of several exceptionally long-lived mammals, deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved and providing new insights into the prevention of age-related pathologies,” said Dior. “Vadim Gladyshev has also identified signatures of longevity based on gene expression, clarifying how lifespan is defined during the evolution of organisms, and how this information can be used to modify the lifespan of species.”

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The scientific field of age reversal was pioneered by Prof. Shinya Yamanaka, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2012.

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