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Dollar Shave Club Launches Men’s Skin-Care Line, Big Cloud

Dollar Shave Club Inc. continues to expand its product categories with a new men’s skin-care offering which goes live on Jan.13.

Dollar Shave Club Inc. continues to expand its product categories with the addition of a new men’s skin-care offering called Big Cloud, which goes live on on Jan.20.

The company launched its Boogie’s hair-styling products for men in March 2015 and also sells such items as shave lather and shave butter along with its razors.

“We have this direct relationship with our customers, and we decide to go into new categories based on what they tell us they’re missing,” said Michael Dubin, chief executive officer and founder of Dollar Shave Club of his 2.7 million male subscribers. “For instance, 71 percent of men who don’t use hand cream tell us they would use it if it was less greasy. So we formulated that in our line. A lot of products out there are formulated for women and repurposed for men. Ours are formulated for men, whose skin is a different thickness, texture and pH balance, and has a different absorption rate.”

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Other learnings: 16 percent of members use a daily face moisturizer with SPF, although those who don’t cited concerns that it leaves skin looking greasy and often causes breakouts. Sixty-two percent of members use lip balm, the number one complaint among lip balm users is that most lip balms leave lips looking shiny and greasy.

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Fadi Mourad, senior vice president of product development for Dollar Shave Club, noted that the line comprises Daily Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen, $9 for 2 oz.; Good Shake Hand Cream, $6 for 3 oz., and Wind Master Lip Balm, $4 for .15 oz. Mourad joined Dollar Shave Club in July 2015 from the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

The product line’s name comes from the idea of a big cloud protecting users from the elements, said Dubin.

Big Cloud’s tagline is “preserve your natural wonders,” said the notoriously cheeky Dubin, who also advises users to use the (non-greasy) lip balm by applying it to lips and then “smack ‘em together.”

Dubin declined to comment on the lawsuit filed by the Procter & Gamble-owned Gillette Company on Dec.17. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for Delaware, alleges patent infringement and requests a jury trial.