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Dr. Brandt Skin Care Thrives Three Years After Founder’s Tragic Death

To help fill the vision of Dr. Brandt, the company has established a team of physician experts to keep new products flowing.

It has been almost three years since Dr. Fredric Brandt, once called the Baron of Botox, was found dead in an apparent suicide. Under the leadership of Stephane Colleu, Dr. Brandt Skin Care continues to build upon the groundwork established by its founder by building a cadre of experts to continue the vision.

“Our story is very unique because of the situation we had to face, despite having a unique concept being one of the first doctor skin-care lines [Dr. Brandt debuted in 1996],” Colleu, the president and chief executive officer of the company, told WWD. Beyond losing the brand’s mastermind, the company also faced mounting physician brand competition. But thanks in part to tapping the expertise of a Skin Advisory Board, Colleu said the company’s volume is expanding on target. Since Brandt’s death, Colleu reported more than a 40 percent growth rate. “We had our best year ever,” he said of 2017. Industry sources estimated current sales approaching $80 million on the path to $150 million by 2020. The privately held company did not discuss estimates.

The latest addition to the Skin Advisory Board, which sports several high-level skin-care specialists, provides a glimpse of where Dr. Brandt Skin Care is headed. Molly Rieger, a registered dietitian and celebrity nutritionist, was recently named to the board. Her clients include Karlie Kloss and Taylor Hill.

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“We still want to be seen as a pioneering brand that challenges the status quo,” said Colleu, ticking off the breakthrough products launched under Dr. Brandt such as Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-puffing Gel. But now skin care, he noted, is going “above and beyond the dermatology” arena, prompting the desire for a nutritionist. “As we continue to learn the effects that diet, sleep and other internal factors have on the skin, we look to Molly as an experienced dietitian and leader in her field to maintain Dr. Brandt’s commitment to innovation. “This is a perfect time for us to bring a nutritionist in that will give us the 360-degree approach.”

Citing Brandt’s 2007 book called “10 Minutes/10 Years: Your Definitive Guide to a Beautiful and Youthful Appearance,” Colleu said the doctor was an early advocate of the importance of inside health and outward appearance. Honoring that concept, the company unleashed a probiotic formula called Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask last week. The item is already sold out at select Sephora stores, according to store visits. It works to optimize the skin’s ecosystem by balancing naturally occurring flora on the skin’s surface. That follows on the heels of the Detoxifying Antioxidant Water Booster that is added to water to promote skin health. In June, a probiotic launch focusing on brightening and reducing pigmentation will debut. Dr. Brandt Skin Care will also extend its Pore No More franchise this year.

Beyond bricks-and-mortar distribution at Sephora and Ulta Beauty, Dr. Brandt Skin Care’s relaunched web site produced sales exceeding 2016 by 150 percent, said Colleu. The online experience offers the chance to tell the brand’s story, he added. In Sephora, the company dispatched Beauty Barrage experts to educate about the tenets of the line, a move that produced double-digit sales increases, according to the brand.

Social media efforts are clicking with the number of followers increasing 150 percent to more than 100,000. More importantly, Colleu said engagement levels are up 48 percent over last year.