As an advocate for all things digital, the late Dr. Fredric Brandt, who died in April, would be ecstatic to know that his colleagues are producing a shoppable digital magazine.

Dubbed #FaceFwd, the quarterly publication, which will be unveiled on July 23 on, will feature expert advice from one of the company’s associate doctors, the brand’s newest product innovations and interviews with its first lifestyle ambassador, DJ Kiss.

“What makes Dr. Brandt Skincare unique is our Brandt method, and that consists of three entities — our medical practice, our research institute and our skin-care brand,” said Roxann Paulson, vice president of marketing and executive creative director at Dr. Brandt Skincare. “In order to include the three different points of view that we get from each of those entities, we created the magazine as a new way to approach blogging.”

She added, “In the digital age, it’s so important that the consumer be able to access information anytime and anywhere. With an online magazine, it’s shareable, it’s shoppable and the content is seasonal.”

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To promote the online zine, Dr. Brandt Skincare will utilize digital advertising, an e-mail marketing campaign and social media advertising. Also, the company will cross promote on social media and through its Dr. Brandt Skincare ambassadors.

“Dr. Brandt was really into digital,” noted Paulson. “He was active on Twitter and Instagram and always e-mailing us that we should do this or that. He was really someone who was an ambassador of new trends. He never conformed. So digital was a big focus for him.”

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