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Dr. Brandt’s Eye Gel: No Baggage Required

No More Baggage targets the under-eye area, a category where consumers are always on the hunt for a fast fix.

The late Dr. Fredric Brandt would be proud.

Just prior to his death in 2015, Brandt launched the first product of what became a blockbuster franchise, Needles No More. His successors continue with his vision to stretch the boundaries of traditional skin care, this time zeroing in on one of the most vexing of all issues — puffy, baggy eyes.

This month Dr. Brandt Skincare is introducing, via a pre-launch, Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel on the company’s website.

Under-eye is traditionally the entry point for serious skin care and one of the product categories where consumers are on a quest for a solution where they see instant results. The theory is a customer who likes an eye gel would purchase complementary products across the brand. The launch is seen as an avenue to introduce Dr. Brandt Skincare to younger consumers, both men and women, looking to get a head start on skin-care regimens.

“Stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, hormone imbalances and environmental allergies can make our under-eye skin look darker, more wrinkly and puffier,” said Dr. Shasa Hu, who joined the Dr. Brandt Skincare advisory board earlier this year. The board was created in 2016 in honor of Dr. Brandt and to continue the innovation pipeline he initiated.

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Hu said No More Baggage was formulated to deliver brighter and rested eyes without needles or heavy-handed concealer.

According to Stephane Colleu, chief executive officer and president of Dr. Brandt Skincare, the idea for the product came from discussions with the Skin Advisory Board. “One of the most asked-about treatments are for under-eye puffiness and dark circles,” he said.

The instant eye fix is inspired by a technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using a biopolymer network that includes algae and plant extracts along with silicates, Dr. Brandt Skincare created an exclusive technology called Filmatrix, an invisible film that is said to visibly reduce the look of under-eye bags and dark circles in minutes, while also acting as a natural barrier to help prevent irritants and pollutants from doing further damage.

Filmatrix shows almost instant results, while peptides and botanical extracts have a cumulative effect to restore a youthful eye contour. “Our knowledge of the latest in the pharmaceutical industry led us to the MIT second-skin technology that inspired our proprietary Filmatrix technology,” Colleu said.  He added that constant consumer demand for a quicker way to diminish puffiness was mission critical. “We created a product that not only reduced the under-eye puffiness and dark circles over time, it reduced the look of them within five minutes — an effect that lasts for over four hours.”

He noted that dark circles are an issue with both men and women and people of all ages. “The product is targeted to people who have these issues due to either the environment, lifestyle or [heredity].”

Retailing for $42, No More Baggage will expand to Sephora and Ulta Beauty next month and will be available worldwide next February.

It is expected to make a sizable dent in the company’s blueprint to boost estimated global sales from $75 million last year to $150 million by 2020.

Needles No More is proving to be a fertile franchise. The first Needles No More in 2015 was followed a year later in January 2016 with Needles No More 3-D Filler Mask, then Needles No More 3-D Lip Plumpfix. These introductions form a genre of skin-care products designed to basically mimic the results of dermatological treatments and injectables. Other introductions included social media favorite Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharging Magnet Mask and Pores No More Luminizing Primer, designed to deliver a radiant natural glow and diminishing the appearance of pores. There also was the launch of Vitamin C and Vitamin D Power Doses meant to rejuvenate and protect skin.