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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare to Launch in Selfridges

The New York dermatologist brand is planning a push in London.

Dermatologist Dennis Gross and his namesake skin-care line are crossing the Atlantic for a major launch with Selfridges.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare will hit shelves at the Oxford Street location Feb. 1, complete with personal appearances by Gross. In the store and online, Selfridges will carry the company’s new C+ Collagen line, including the C+ Collagen Deep Cream, which doesn’t hit the U.S. market until the end of March, as well as the company’s Ferulic + Retinol, Alpha Beta and Hyaluronic Marine product lines. All in all, industry sources project that the C+ Collagen line could bring in $1 million in sales from the Selfridges counter.

“London itself is just a beauty market that is very similar in sensibilities to New York,” said Carrie Gross, chief executive officer of the brand, and wife of Dennis Gross. “It’s got the same energy as New York, the beauty point of view is identical to New York, innovation is part of their DNA as much as it is here….We feel so solid with our domestic partners here. It’s just time to really blow up the international [distribution],” Gross added.

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“The product itself and the science fills in a real niche in London in that the science of the whole C+ Collagen line is that we’re using Vitamin C….It might be the most powerful [antiaging ingredient] of them all,” said Dennis Gross. “Take that to the London market, [and] I think it sets us up for success. That is a busy city, just like New York, and people are tired and the skin gets tired and they see it.”

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The water in London plays a factor in overall skin care as well, he noted, describing it as “hard” with calcium and  heavy metals that can be harsh on the skin. That plus city pollution can make skin look “tired,” he continued, but the C+ Collagen products should “bedazzle their skin immediately.”

That product line combines Vitamin C with an energy-boosting complex designed to stimulate energy deep inside skin cells, simply put. The company formed the line specifically as a fix for those who feel like their skin looks “tired,” Dennis Gross said. The products will be displayed with the company’s Turn Your Skin On campaign, which features an orange, glowing, sideways C that looks like a power button.

While in London, Dennis and Carrie Gross will host in-store consumer events with client consultations and peel treatments in a Beauty Lounge, as well as hosting press and blogger events as part of the New York-based company’s broader mission to build up overseas.

“[Selfridges is] known for carrying the biggest and most popular brands, but also the independent brands,” Dennis Gross said. “It’s a great showcase for us….London is an incredible gateway to Europe for us…so opportunity-wise, I think it’s going to catapult us to greater volume.”

Right now, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is also sold in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and other countries, through retail outlets such as Sephora, Mecca and Net-a-porter. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare will be sold in all Space NK U.K. doors as of April 2, according to the company, and is also sold at Cult of Beauty, Fenwicks and on QVC U.K.

In addition to the skin-care line, Dennis Gross’ famed alpha-beta peel, which uses a blend of acids to exfoliate the skin and is available through office visits, is also making its way to London — the brand is in talks with several potential medi-spa locations to launch its peel menu, Carrie Gross said. Farther out, the brand is likely to expand in Asia, where it is already sold in South Korea, she said.