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Dr. Gerald Imber to Launch Skin-Care Line, Youth Corridor, at Harrods

American plastic surgeon Imber has for decades exhorted his philosophy of prevention, maintenance and correction to his high-profile clients.

This September, Youth Corridor by Dr. Gerald Imber, the high-tech skin-care line from the U.S., will launch exclusively at Harrods.

Imber, an American plastic surgeon, for decades has exhorted his philosophy of prevention, maintenance and correction to his high-profile clients, such as Peggy Siegal. The Youth Corridor line came to be, he said, when his patients were asking for product recommendations and he was having a hard time finding items he wanted to recommend, despite the considerable strength of doctor-based luxury skin care. Thus, he began mixing his own, calling in a chemist to consult and selling the products to his patients in his office and online.

“I didn’t have a huge aspiration of retailing the products past the office and online, but a Harrods executive tried the products and wanted to launch the line,” Imber said.

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The initial line includes eight products and a kit, which combines three of them. They are:

• Dual Action Cleanser, £65 or $101, is a highly emollient cream cleanser designed to nourish skin.

• Daily Hydration Crème, £275 or $428, is a lightweight and deeply hydrating gel-cream moisturizer designed to condition and protect all skin types.

•  Ultimate Nourishing Crème, £350 or $545, is a rich, creamy moisturizer intended to provide lasting hydration day and night.

• Revitalizing Beta Hydroxy Mask, £95 or $148, has an antiinflammatory formula combining alpha and beta hydroxy acids with soothing allantoin to slough off dead skin cells without irritation.

• Hydrating Soothing Mask, £75 or $116, is designed to rebalance sensitive skin with a gel formula infused with aloe vera.

• Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum, £200 or $311, is intended to bolster skin’s support structure so skin appears more youthful. The formula combines melatonin with vitamins C, E and B3 to protect skin from environmental aggressors and even skin tone, while vitamin B5 helps soothe and moisturize.

• Ultimate Eye and Neck Crème, £225 or $350, contains potent antioxidants said to counteract visible age signs, peptides to help reduce puffiness and skin conditioners to nourish, soothe and refresh the eye and neck areas.

• RetinUltimate Transforming Gel, £400 or $623, helps to transform skin using a patented retinoid derivative to gently and effectively smooth skin, noticeably reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly improve discoloration and encourage skin rejuvenation when used nightly, said Imber.

• The Ultimate Trio kit, £850 or $1,324, contains the Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum, the RetinUltimate Transforming Gel and Ultimate Nourishing Crème.

Imber is particularly proud of the serum, which combines Vitamin C and melatonin. “Vitamin C is the single best element to topically correct skin-care damage, but it’s hard to stabilize,” he said. “Once we added the melatonin, it not only made the Vitamin C stable, it multiplied its effectiveness.” Imber explained that sunburn, essentially, is oxidation and, therefore, antioxidants can help reverse damage.

“Dr. Imber is one of the most admired surgeons of our time and his constant interaction with his patients has resulted in an implicit understanding of the aesthetic ideals of women today,” said Mia Collins, general merchandise manager for beauty at Harrods Ltd.  “What made this launch so exciting for us at Harrods was the fusion of this understanding with Dr. Imber’s will to create supremely efficacious and luxurious skin care. The result is a collection of products designed to address these needs. What’s more: not least due to the inflated levels of active ingredients found in the lineup, means that they really do.”

Imber is in talks with U.S. vendors to launch the line Stateside, most likely by year-end 2015, and is developing additional products, including a hydroquinone-free brightener.