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Dr. Lancer, Ryan Seacrest Create Men’s Grooming Line

The doctor is adding a luxe treatment to his existing line and launching a new venture with Seacrest.

Dr. Harold Lancer is about to unveil two projects with vastly different price points — a men’s range with Ryan Seacrest that starts at $10 and a $1,000 Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment — to cater to an even wider demographic.

A dual focus on entering the masstige sector and growing his core skin-care range with the addition of super luxe products is what Lancer hopes will propel his business to the next level — starting with Polished by Dr. Lancer, a joint venture with Seacrest.

For his part, Seacrest said, “[Lancer]  started as my dermatologist, but over the last decade, Harold and I became friends. We talked about business, culture and life. A few years ago, we decided to invest in a new venture together and it’s already been a terrific experience and success. We developed Polished by Dr. Lancer to create a science-backed men’s skin-care system that any man can use and benefit from, which — in the end — would help boost their confidence by looking and feeling great.”

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Lancer teamed with Seacrest to co-create the five-product grooming line in an effort to attract a male customer. It will be brought to market by Bonfire Enterprises, an incubation affiliate of direct marketing company Guthy-Renker. The collection includes a Daily Micro-Scrub, $35; Dual Cleansing & Shave, $20; Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, $35; Antiaging Serum, $55, and Daily Lip Care SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, $10. Polished will be sold on and through Guthy-Renker’s direct channels starting in early July.

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But unlike Lancer’s main collection that contains 30 products, this brand probably won’t expand much beyond the current offering due to the “limited capability” of men when it comes to skin-care routines, Lancer said. He’s also betting on dedication, he added, noting that once a man finds something they like or that works, a loyalty to that product ensures.

Another celebrity partnership is also in the works, the dermatologist hinted, but details won’t be finalized until next year.

The Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment.
The Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment. Courtesy

As for the new Youth Treatment, technically part of the Beverly Hills-based doctor’s Lancer skin-care line, he maintains that this product is different from anything else he’s created to date.

“The chemistry is complicated….The original launch was 250 units because the complex chemistry takes weeks to make the individual product. It’s designed for…patients who need the next step. It’s not designed to be sold off the shelf in mass quantity,” Lancer said.

He explained that the key function of the $1,000 treatment is to help reverse the effects of environmental toxicity and pollutants.

“Everyone knows about UVA and UVB rays, but the pollutants in the atmosphere…are damaging to skin cells so this is designed to help restore reactive oxygen species and increase the antioxidant capacity of the skin reserves,” Lancer continued, adding that this product should be used in tandem with The Lancer Method.

The original “Lancer Method”  is based on a polish, cleanse and nourish philosophy where the order in which one applies products is “critically important,” Lancer maintained. His Lancer collection, with an average price point of $85, starts at $35 for The Method: Body Cleanse and has serums that retail from $225 to $275.

Lancer explained that a typical routine goes as follows: massage exfoliating The Method: Polish onto damp skin, rinse with The Method: Cleanse, apply a blend of the Younger Pure Youth Serum and Advanced C Radiance Cream With Vitamin C Collagen, with Legacy Youth serving as the “palette of nourishment,” or last step, before hitting the sack.

“It’s part of the Lancer program; it’s not designed for the person who wants a splurge of luxury and is using bargain basement exfoliating, cleansing and toning products. If you’re using crap to begin with, it’s not the product to save you,” Lancer said.

Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment is on sale at the doctor’s office, Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus doors and Harrod’s.