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Dr. Murad Teams With Casper Mattress for Product Launch

Dr. Murad is launching a new step in the skin-care regimen, which is designed to not only help users get to sleep faster but to accelerate nighttime skin repair.

Cultural stress, a term coined by Dr. Howard Murad more than 15 years ago, takes a toll at bedtime. But a new product from Murad’s namesake brand seeks to not only help people get to sleep but also wake up looking better.

“Sleep is one of the first things we sacrifice from our schedule as our daily responsibilities stretch into the night including keeping our phones nearby,” Murad said. The lack of sleep shows up in the form of dark under-eye circles, dullness, dehydration, wrinkles and puffiness. Murad noted that studies reveal the skin loses water three times faster at night. Ingredients found in the treatment can help skin hold more water and can help prevent overnight skin dehydration and support natural repair. “Night can be a time to repair the damage from the day,” he said.

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To facilitate that, Dr. Murad is rolling out Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, a “before the pillow” treatment applied over a moisturizer. It debuts this week on — which co-created the product — and, with expansion to physical stores in January.

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To emphasis the link between skin health and a good night’s sleep, Dr. Murad is partnering with Casper Mattress in a program that will include influencer mailings, in-store retail experiences and co-branded content. Industry sources estimate Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, which retails for $70, can surpass first-year sales of $2 million to $3 million. The company did not comment on sales projections.

For Dr. Murad, the product is an opportunity for add-on sales because it adds a fourth skin-care ritual step. It is an enhancement, not a replacement to existing regimens, the company said.

The formula is tweaked to accelerate nighttime skin repair by taking advantage of the body’s natural sleep mode — a time when skin naturally repairs itself. “With Night Fix Enzyme we wanted to encourage overnight skin repair through ingredients inspired by the science of sleep,” said Kristen Robinson, Murad’s senior director of new product development. One example is the chronopeptide, which she said directly sets the tone for repair. “It is in sync with the body’s circadian rhythm, supporting natural repair resulting in revived skin tone and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.”

Additionally, Night Fix Enzyme Treatment features encapsulated aroma technology to help prepare the sense for a restful sleep. In tests, participants said they felt they took less time to fall asleep thanks to the aroma. “A study shows that faces appear two-and-a-half years younger for those who fall asleep within one hour,” Murad said.

Key to seeing improvement, said Robinson, is to use it every night. Dr. Murad’s parent, Unilever, has identified what it calls a “Skin Clock” that helps quantify the aging process to have a better understand on how to manage it. “While the aging process is inevitable, the Skin Clock research shows that making changes in our everyday lifestyle; specifically using skin care — can actually help slow down the fast-forwarding of skin aging.”

Murad said results can be seen as soon as the next morning. Subjects in a clinical study noticed that their skin looks more refreshed, awakened, hydrated and well-rested the morning after using Night Fix. After one week, skin looks more vibrant, smooth and has improved texture.