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Early Innovator Reaps Rewards of Hydrogen as New Beauty Secret

Research suggests that water infused with molecular hydrogen can alleviate everything from wrinkles to eczema.

Can this water improve your skin?

The fact that hydrogen is the biggest buzz in beauty doesn’t surprise Gail Levy, founder and chief executive officer of HFactor, hydrogen-infused water. She launched HFactor three years ago before the beauty industry became enamored with the element.

Levy predicts hydrogen-infused water will be the next big beauty trend, and will even be added to retail beauty departments.

After years of fits and starts, consumers are embracing the concept of beauty from within. That’s prompted a flood of supplements and beverages positioned to improve complexions, thicken hair and build nails. With their all-natural positioning, these items are also getting a bounce from Americans’ quest for “better-for-you” products.

“Consumers are much more aware these days, and if they see chemical ingredients they can’t pronounce, they suspect the product isn’t good for them. Today’s consumer is going back to natural, simple products, without a list of unknown additives” she said. HFactor has only two ingredients — hydrogen and water. And while all water consists of two hydrogen atoms bound to oxygen, HFactor offers molecular hydrogen gas dissolved into the pure water that Levy said delivers a “powerhouse of benefits.”

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Recently, hydrogen has become the darling of the beauty business with recent launches such as Perricone MD’s skin-care line using the element as its star ingredient, and news of a corresponding hydrogen water offering, to be released this year. Other beauty hydrogen hits include Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel and H2Boom Hydrogen Ion Moisture Recovery Mist.

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Levy, a serial entrepreneur, had a head start on the movement. The confluence of two events prompted her to research the benefits of hydrogen. One was after watching a friend suffer from cancer, seeking something to aid in her quality of life. The other was when a professional basketball player and friend said he and others were experiencing relief, thanks to molecular hydrogen, from the years of abuse to their bodies. After digging deeper into studies and traveling through Asia, where much of the research was being done, Levy was sold.

So how does water fit into beauty? “In researching molecular hydrogen, I found it has many benefits — one is that it aids in eliminating free radicals, which can significantly reduce inflammation,” Levy said. “There are many studies pointing to the benefits of hydrogen and how it addresses dermatological concerns. We have all been told that drinking water is great for your skin.” Levy said she isn’t asking people to consume their entire daily water intake with HFactor, but rather just two or three of the 11-ounce servings each day.

What’s key, Levy added, is that active beauty is shedding light on the importance of hydration in daily regimens. “Water is at the intersection of beauty and wellness.”

Although sold online, she is adamant about brick-and-mortar retail distribution. “Nothing replaces a hands-on experience and human interaction,” she said.

A six-pack of HFactor is available online for a suggested retail price of $18 and 24-pack for a suggested retail price of $64.99. Individual HFactor pouches are distributed in select markets, at upscale pharmacies and health food stores, and retail at $2.99. HFactor is also available on Amazon Prime. Beyond skin-care benefits, the product boasts bio-benefits, which include improved athletic performance, a boost in energy and reduced fatigue.