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Earth Tu Face Founders Rocket Into a More Affordable Orbit With Cosmos

The diffusion line is launching at Urban Outfitters in September before anticipated mass-market expansion next year.

More of the universe is opening up to Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm, founders of the natural skin-care brand Earth Tu Face.

The duo has introduced the diffusion line Cosmos, which is launching at select Urban Outfitters stores in September before anticipated mass-market expansion next year. It’s premiering with a collection of four items — Face Wash, Toner, Face Oil and Everywhere Salve — priced at $22 to $38 compared to Earth Tu Face’s price range of $28 to $78.

“It was always a dream for Marina and me to do a mass line together because we wanted to make something that was accessible and could help people get their foot in the door of green beauty with cleansers and moisturizers that weren’t just basic coconut oil,” said Earth Tu Face chief executive officer Buscho. “The wave of green beauty hasn’t crested, and it has momentum that I think is going to build. The more people who are educated about harmful ingredients and lack of regulation in personal care, the more people are turning to green beauty for healthy products for their skin and body, and the planet.”

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In the works for a year, Cosmos’ early selection should be familiar to fans of Oakland, Calif.-based Earth Tu Face. Buscho and Storm translated bestsellers from their original brand for a broader audience to create an assortment that’s simultaneously comprehensive and straightforward. Cosmos products are designed to suit all skin types.

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“We wanted it to be very user-friendly and obvious,” said Buscho. “We formulated so people can use more or less. Someone who has overly hydrated, acne-prone skin can use two to three drops of the same hydrator that a person with maturing skin would use six drops of or more.”

The essential oils in the Cosmos products, including lavender, and Roman and blue chamomile, were chosen because they’re universal, healing and not exorbitant, although a chamomile shortage during the process of development posed a cost dilemma overcome by slightly adjusting the mix of ingredients. Cosmos is produced in a certified organic facility where about half of Earth Tu Face’s merchandise is produced.

“We are not willing to compromise. For our toner, we were able to get a really good price on rosewater, which is the same rosewater that we use in our Earth Tu Face toner. So, you are getting an amazing lavender experience with rosewater as well,” said Buscho. “Our Earth Tu Face toner is handmade every week in our apothecary, and it has more ingredients that are perishable. The Cosmos toner doesn’t have that problem, and it’s still really nourishing. It can be everything from a makeup setter to a pillow spray to a traditional toner.”

Cosmos products are primarily packaged in glass, and Buscho and Storm tried hard to minimize plastic in the line. The Everywhere Salve is housed in a compostable tube and contains no plastic. The outside of the Cosmos packaging features lunar phases. Once body products arrive in 2017, the phases of the moon will be completely represented.

After Cosmos was revealed a week ago on social media, Buscho has been surprised its web sales have equaled Earth Tu Face’s web sales. “My expectation was that it was going to soft launch and get a little bit of traction from social media. I didn’t think it was going to have as much traction from the general public,” she said. If high demand for Cosmos continues, it’s fortunate Buscho and Storm implemented an infrastructure for extensive distribution. Buscho said, “We have the ability to scale up to do hundreds of thousands of pieces in a very short time. We are already ramped up.”