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Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage to Get a Facelift

Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage is talking about an evolution with its Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum, an update of the original, which bowed in 2005.

Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage is talking about an evolution with its Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum, an update of the original, which bowed in 2005.

Rolling out from mid-December through February in the U.S. and in March and April globally, the updated formula reflects what the brand has learned since launching its first product with idebenone technology, noted Elizabeth Park, executive vice president of global marketing and general manager of Elizabeth Arden U.S.

“This new formula represents a new generation of research, which allows the potent antioxidant idebenone to create enhanced protective, preventative and corrective benefits,” Park said. “We’ve also discovered a way to buffer idebenone and deliver it in a way which is tolerated by even very sensitive skin. We are committed to staying in the forefront of technology of cosmeceuticals. We want to take it to the next level so we can always be the benchmark for the cosmeceutical field, which we pioneered with Prevage.”

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Idebenone works on all three types of free radical reactions caused by oxidative stress, said Tony Vargas, vice president of global research and development at Elizabeth Arden. Primary free radicals are created as a result of exposure to environmental assaults; secondary free radicals are a result of exposure to primary free radicals and damage the protective lipids of the skin. Free radical activity also occurs within surface skin cells, said Vargas.

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“The new serum’s formula contains a blend of potent ingredients that can tackle the different types of free radicals to provide a higher level of protection,” added Vargas. “The specific antioxidants — thiotaine, bamboo isoflavones, Liprochroman 6 and a blend of green, yellow and white tea — were chosen to support idebenone in the new formula, working as the first line of antioxidant defense and neutralizing different types of free radical activity. This allows idebenone to help prevent free radical activity and correct the visible effects of existing damage.”

Also key is a new delivery system which pairs idebenone with a skin-compatible ester, providing a time-release reservoir of idebenone for the skin to use as needed, Vargas said. “This was inspired by studies showing how the body effectively stores vitamins and molecules by attaching them to a lipid. Our skin care researchers applied this research to the idebenone molecule found in the new serum to help create a reserve of idebenone to use when and where it’s is needed most. This allows for more efficient use of idebenone and has been shown to be more gentle and effective even on those with sensitive skin.”

In addition, Lys-lastine V was added to complement idebenone in an attempt to maintain skin’s look of elasticity. “The combination supports skin’s natural proteins, including elastin and collagen, to help skin look firmer, more toned and younger,” said Robin Mason, vice president, global skin care marketing for Elizabeth Arden.

The serum is intended to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolorations, as well as minimize redness and the appearance of sun damage.

Prevage’s new Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum will retail for $155 for 1.7 oz. The rest of the line includes Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30, $125 for 1.7 oz.; Prevage Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment, 0.5 oz. for $98; Prevage Anti-aging Night Cream, 1.7 oz. for $125, and Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-aging Moisturizer, 6.8 oz. for $135. Industry sources estimate that the Prevage lineup does upwards of $80 million in yearly global retail sales.

The new serum will be sold in Prevage’s full department and specialty store distribution, about 1,900 doors in the U.S.

Executives declined to discuss sales projections, although industry sources estimated that the new serum could do upwards of $25 million at retail globally in its first year on counter, with about half of that figure expected to be generated in the U.S. Sources estimated Arden will spend about $5 million in the U.S. on advertising the reformulated serum.

Print advertising will break in February magazines, slated to include fashion and beauty magazines as well as travel and lifestyle books such as Architectural Digest, said Park. “This is a product for men and women, and we want to make sure we’re reaching everyone,” she said. As well, substantial online promotion — including an e-commerce site, a microsite and social networking — is planned, as are outdoor elements and in-store promotion.