Infinitude is sold at Cos Bar and Bergdorf Goodman.

Dr. Mirela Mitan, who helped launch blockbusters at companies including The Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., is debunking the conventional thinking in the skin-care category.

Skin-care brands are associated with multiple items, a trend pushed to its zenith with the influx of South Korean firms endorsing as many as 10 steps. In her previous positions, Mitan saw the need to feed marketing departments’ product machines to fill a pipeline of new items. But when she departed her post at Lauder to start her own company, called MMXV Infinitude, she decided to rewrite the rules.

Just one product, loaded with white truffles, olive and grape extract, is all Mitan believes is needed for a morning and night routine. Her concept has already caught the eye of Cos Bar and Bergdorf Goodman, where it is sold, along with her company’s web site. Angela Welcome, buyer for cosmetics at Bergdorf Goodman said Infinitude was a great fit for its new BG Beauty Lab the retailer launched last fall. “We’re always thinking about what our client at Bergdorf Goodman wants or needs in their beauty repertoire. What makes Infinitude such a great fit is that it’s a luxurious product incorporating seven key uses in one jar.”

Acknowledging a multitude of products fattens sales, Mitan disputes the need for overflowing bathroom cabinets. “The era is over. Who has time to apply several products to the face?” maintained Mitan. “It is way too much.”

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Mirela Mitan 

With a goal of simplifying the process, Mitan put her Ph.D. in biochemistry and her MBA in luxury marketing to work. She identified overlaps in ingredients in skin-care regimens — making the multiple steps redundant. Her one product was formulated to do the work of seven, she said. It is calibrated to moisturize, nourish, balance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, Infinitude is designed to plump skin, increase elasticity, even skin tones, prevent scarring and lighten brown spots. It does so, Mitan explained, by “reading” the macromolecular construction of the skin so each ingredient to perform optimally on all skin types. It retails for $225 for a 1-oz. jar.

“You can use it like a serum, like a day cream, like a night cream, like a primer. I harnessed everything from my 25 years of experience,” she said. The ease of one item is expected to boost skin care compliance, Mitan suggested, and build more transactions.

Does the goal of not overloading consumers with products limit MMXV’s product pipeline? Not so, she said. “I’m working on other multifunctional creams. There is much potential in many categories,” concluded Mitan.