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Eve Lom to Introduce New Cleanser

A Balm Gel Cleanser will join the brand's lineup in August.

Eve Lom’s best-selling balm Cleanser is getting a counterpart.

Next month a hybrid Balm Gel Cleanser — one of the first new cleansers developed by the brand since launching the original formula 30 years ago — will hit counters. The hybrid will live alongside the original version — which isn’t going anywhere, promised Regine Barr, director of product development and supply at Eve Lom.

To date there hasn’t been a significant update to the balm formula or an alternative developed for customers seeking a less labor-intensive cleansing ritual, which is comprised of seven steps, including an exfoliating muslin cloth that requires a specific massage technique. All in all, the process could take up to 15 minutes.

But despite amassing a global following, there’s obviously still a sizable customer base that hasn’t used the product — and Eve Lom wants to capture some of those shoppers. Barr called the $60 Balm Gel Cleanser a “modern take” on the original formula for a customer who is more on the go and strapped for time.

“We always have had women and men saying, ‘Listen, this product is just too time consuming. We haven’t got the time in the day anymore. We can’t spend every day cleansing for 10 to 15 minutes but we love the results.’ So that was really the drive — how can we create a product that gets us the same results but is easier to use?” Barr said, adding that another barrier for customers is the consistency of the balm, which for some, is too heavy.

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The launch of another cleanser is part of a back-to-roots approach for Eve Lom, according to Barr, noting that cleansing is integral to the brand, from both a heritage and dollar standpoint. The original formula drives the business, she said. Barr declined to reveal what percentage of sales come from the company’s hero product, but she maintained it’s a “significant” portion of revenue.

“Most women use either a gel cleanser, cream cleanser or foam cleanser. We thought about how can we develop a product that is suitable for those customers who don’t like the original balm but want same results,” she said.

She explained that the Gel Balm, which on August 14 launches at Space NK stores in the U.S. and U.K. and will see a global rollout in September, could be used on its own for quicker cleansing or in tandem with the existing balm. And save for the lengthy exfoliation process, the hybrid gives the same benefits as the original, including the clinically proven, 12-hour hydration claim.