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Evoté Skin Care Syncs With the Body’s Circadian Rhythm

The nighttime focused skin-care line includes a 12-hour biocomplex that replenishes and activates the skin’s melatonin production.

Beauty sleep is no myth for Evoté.

The new skin-care line, which launches today on Evine, works with the body’s circadian rhythm by focusing on the skin’s melatonin production, specifically at night.

Coming from the manufacturing and private-label sector of the beauty industry, cofounders Nik and Irena James came upon research that showed the skin is more receptive to ingredients during the night, which led them to develop a 12-hour biocomplex meant to stimulate the skin’s reparative actions while the user is asleep.

“Today’s research revolves around the vast differences in the way the skin functions during the day versus during the night,” said Irena James, cofounder of the brand. “During the day the skin’s barrier is so much more compact and it’s in defense mode, while at night the skin is performing a massive reparative action.”

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To deliver an effective nighttime skin-care regimen, the duo developed a collection of eight products that helps regulate the body’s melatonin production, which is released more rapidly at night.

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“The skin is capable of utilizing topically applied melatonin,” James continued. “Our complex, which includes melatonin, is a bio-mimic of what your brain naturally produces so it can work with your skin receptors.”

The brand claims that because the skin comes in contact with environmental pollutants and stimulants throughout the day, the body’s production of melatonin can be altered. This can cause lack of sleep and the appearance of fatigue on the face. The nighttime collection is meant to combat this with topically applied melatonin to reduce the appearance of tiredness as well as address wrinkles, firmness and radiance.

“The skin’s barrier overnight opens up and is great for product penetration,” James said on why they focused on a nighttime regimen. “The nighttime is the perfect time for your skin to recover, repair and replenish the energy levels, so when you wake up in the morning your skin is in top shape and you don’t have to pile on 15 different products.”

The nighttime collection includes a cleanser, neck and décolleté cream, serum, eye cream, lip treatment serum, hydrating mask, face elixir and enzyme exfoliator, which retail for $41 to $89.95. The brand also offers a daytime collection to continue working with the body’s circadian rhythm. This collection includes an antiaging eye serum, antioxidant facial wash, protect and illuminate cream with SPF 25 and radiance infusion face serum. These products retail for $37.50 to $65. Both collections are currently available on Evine.

Evoté is working to expand both the daytime and nighttime collection. Currently the brand is working on a body line that addresses cellulite.

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