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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Barbara Sturm Opens Pop-up at The AllBright in L.A.

Dr. Sturm is also unveiling a boutique and spa in the city this summer.

German aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm is offering her services starting today for three months at women-only club The AllBright in Los Angeles, though you don’t have to be a member to book.

“I am opening a new Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique and Spa in L.A. this summer,” Dr. Sturm shared in a statement to WWD. “My recent Beverly Hills-based pop-up during the run-up to the Oscars…was so oversubscribed we had to extend it to the week following the Oscars. So, I recognized the need to deliver the Sturm ‘glow’ to Los Angeles for an extended period before the boutique and spa launches.”

Known for her anti-inflammatory work and non-surgical antiaging treatments, the doctor will provide her popular 45-minute “Instant Glow Facial” at $175. Other services include the “Darker Skintones Facial” and “Brightening Facial,” each costing $245 for 60 minutes.

The facials, available to the public and discounted for members, will be conducted by her “top aestheticians, trained in my proprietary approaches and expert in my ingredients and solutions,” added Dr. Sturm. And of the partnership with The AllBright, she shared: “[It’s] a stylish convening place where professional women come together.”

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The London-based club will have Dr. Sturm’s at-home products available for sale, as well as offer an anti-inflammatory food menu curated by the doctor at The AllBright restaurant, which is also open to the public.

“In L.A., that is a group that is also uniquely committed to the ethos of the city, which is health, wellness and positivity,” she continued. “That’s a place I want to be.”