The Facegym flagship in London

LONDON — Facegym, the beauty company that specializes in non-invasive facials, will open its first flagship in London on this week, building on the success of a studio at Selfridges and a gadget bar in Harrods.

“The business has established a strong and loyal customer base,” said founder and creative director Inge Theron. “We felt the time was right and the numbers robust enough for us to take our concept down the ‘roll out’ route. Our plan is to open a mixed retail matrix of stand-alone and shops-in-shop concessions in key markets.”

Theron, an entrepreneur and former Financial Times spa columnist, launched the company in in 2014. She tapped Alexandra Soveral — a beauty industry veteran — as an expert formulator to help realize her vision. Theron had the idea for the brand after a treatment caused her to be disfigured for several months.

She said there was a niche in the market for a “natural, nontoxic, yet highly effective, skin care” and said customers are demanding more transparency on ingredients and sourcing.

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“I think there has been a paradigm shift away from ‘the fake beauty’ look to a more natural-looking aesthetic,” said Theron. “Even if you are doing invasive work, the key for most women is to have a look that says, ‘I woke up like this.'”

“The convergence of beauty and wellness has also heavily contributed, as the Instagram generation moves towards a healthier more natural approach, to skin-care users reading the backs of the beauty labels as they would their food purchases.”

She said 60 percent of the customer base is between 25 and 35, with the remaining ones aged over 40. “We like to think we have something for everyone at really affordable prices. It’s interesting to note we have a 25 percent male customer base,” she said, adding the clientele is international.

Located on 352 Kings Road, next door to Bluebird restaurant, the 1,400-square-foot space spans two floors. It was designed by Avroko and Brand Bureau on a contemporary restaurant/bar aesthetic. The first floor offers a beauty blending lab, three workout pods, a laser lifting studio, a post-workout makeup area, product lockers and a curated skin-care retail space.

The new space will also see the launch of the company’s open beauty lab, a bar where shoppers can order up a bespoke skin-care regimen. There’s a make up counter, too, for a post-treatment touch up session, and a super-food smoothie bar. A “How To” studio is located on the lower floor that will house workshops and events.

The menu includes non-invasive beauty treatments aimed to help sculpt, lift and tone the face. Workouts include electrical muscle stimulation, radio frequency, cryotherapy and laser treatments. Prices range from a 10-minute eye mask at 10 pounds, or $12, to 390 pounds, or $490, for a 90-minute I Need It All “The Ultimate Transformation” treatment.

The brand plans to set up another location at Saks Fifth Avenue, although Theron declined to provide any details.