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Firms Pair Up for Facial Spa

Dermatologist-headed skin care brand kaplanMD and Studio BeautyMix, have partnered on a facial spa that opened last week in the Fred Segal store.

Dermatologist-headed skin care brand kaplanMD and Studio BeautyMix in Santa Monica, Calif., have partnered on a facial spa that opened last week in the Fred Segal store.

“The spa will allow customers to feel and look their best without having to leave the neighborhood,” said Stuart Kaplan, who launched kaplanMD about a year ago. “We are all multitasking, and I have women who come to my office and say I have to be out of here in five minutes. The spa gives you, for the shortest period of the time, the most exposure to facial products by someone that works under me.”

Physician’s assistant Sudi Fahim and facialist Rosi Bozefe, both employees of Kaplan, will see clients at the facial spa that is converted office space. Services include Botox averaging $200 to $275 per area, a Clarifying Facial to prevent breakouts at $55 for 30 minutes, and a Swedish massage at $75 for one hour. It is estimated that the spa will generate $650,000 in first-year revenues.

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Robin Coe-Hutshing, founder of Studio BeautyMix, said her customers’ response to kaplanMD, which she called a “top brand” at the store, and Kaplan’s stellar reputation helped convince her a facial spa would be a good idea for Studio BeautyMix. “This is a nod to convenience for our customer,” she said. “It will allow us to introduce our products and our other services to his customers, and it will allow Dr. Kaplan to introduce his product and services to our customers. It is a win-win.”

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The kaplanMD skin care line has eight products priced from $30 to $185 intended to address skin aging resulting from environmental damage, time and hormonal changes. Kaplan said his mission is to keep the line concise and ingredient-packed, with each product containing at least 10 active ingredients to combat skin dilemmas. In addition to Studio BeautyMix, where Lip 20 Treatment, Perfecting Serum and Intensive Eye Cream are the line’s bestsellers, kaplanMD is available at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and on

“It is one of the first skin care lines that really addresses women’s skin in transition, which can cover any woman from age 30 on,” said Coe-Hutshing. “It has ingredients that really normalize and balance the skin and really take care of discoloration and uneven pigmentation and the replenishment of moisture.”

Kaplan said he would consider more spas after the one at Studio BeautyMix is running at full speed, but he is hesitant to add locations that would make strong oversight difficult. “I would wait to see how this is received,” he said. “I don’t want it to become so far away from me that it is no longer me.”