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Flower Power: Yon-Ka Uses Flower Peptides to Fight Aging

Spa brand Yon-Ka Paris is launching two new antiaging items that use peptides derived from flowers to aid in skin firmness.

Spa brand Yon-Ka Paris is launching two new antiaging items that use peptides derived from flowers to aid in skin firmness — an industry first, according to the company.

The product duo, called Advanced Optimizer, includes a serum and cream that use hibiscus and white lupine flowers peptides, respectively. The serum, according to Yon-Ka, uses hibiscus peptides to stimulate the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans for firmness, as well as hyaluronic acid and soy peptides. The cream uses white lupine peptides to protect collagen fibers from deterioration, as well as co-enzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and milk proteins. Both the serum and cream contain marine collagen, horsetail extract and wild rose extract and have been designed to be used together: first the serum, followed by the cream, morning and night.

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Katherine Tomasso, national director of education for Yon-Ka Paris, said cosmetics are rarely recognized for their systemic benefits, but Yon-Ka’s DNA is in using plant extracts in formulas, specifically aromatic essential oils, which do have these effects.

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“We’ve gone to two different plants and processed the plants for their peptides, which have the natural affinity to produce more collagen in the case of the hibiscus and maintain healthy tissue in the case of the lupine,” said Tomasso.

Yon-Ka Paris is privately owned by the Muhlethaler family and was founded by brothers Charles and Ernest Muhlethaler. According to industry sources, Yon-Ka generates about $20 million in sales in the U.S.

Clinical tests, the company said, showed that over four consecutive weeks, 20 women aged 33 to 65 years old showed “significant improvement of firmness, tone and density.”

Both items will be packaged and sold together and will retail for $140 for the 1-oz serum pump and the 1.4-oz cream tube. Advanced Optimizer launches to about 3,000 U.S. spas Sept. 1. Yon-Ka is also rolling out a revamped Advanced Optimizer Facial for use in the treatment room. The in-spa treatment includes cleansing, a micro peel and application of the serum and cream, as well as a mask. The facial lasts 75 minutes and will sell for between $110 and $180.