Frank Body is entering the mask category.

Frank Body, the Australian skin-care company known for its coffee-based body and face products that use only natural and naturally-derived ingredients, is expanding into the burgeoning mask category. Adding to its current product range of scrubs and moisturizer for the body, face and lips, and a face cleanser, Frank rolled out a face mask, a five-minute ritual that is a natural match to a morning cup of joe.

The Glow Mask, which retails for $21.95, is currently available to purchase at with plans to sell at Urban Outfitters in the coming weeks. Urban Outfitters is a main U.S. brick-and-mortar location for the up-and-coming Aussie brand.

According to Jess Hatzis, company cofounder and creative director, this is Frank Body’s first face mask. “We’re bucking the detox trend with this product. No more stripping the skin. This product is packed with antioxidants, caffeine and hydrating ingredients to give some love back to your skin,” she said,  adding it only takes five minutes, which fits with consumers’ busy lifestyles.

The mask’s ingredients, which include goji berry extract, shea and cocoa butters, arabica coffee seed oil and cranberry and raspberry seed oil, create what Hatzis referred to as a hydrating antioxidant hit. “Of course the glow mask contains stimulating caffeine, like all of our products — perfect for de-puffing the face in the morning,” she said.

The quickly growing company plans further product expansion. “Our product development philosophy is to find gaps in the routines of ourselves and our customers, then create beautiful, natural products to fill them. That might eventually call for another mask, but for now, this one is all you need,” she added in reference to the possibility of adding another mask option to Frank Body’s product line. Masks are posting sales gains in the 30 percent range on a year-to-year basis, according to industry data.

Founded in June 2013, Frank Body has gained traction, especially in the U.S. market, thanks to its cheeky social media campaign, which often features consumers covered in its coffee-based products. The brand is recognized for the unique character of Frank, who speaks to his customers in a direct and honest manner. Hatzis said the new Glow Mask will absolutely be a component of the campaign.

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