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Frank Body Shines With the Brand’s Most Successful Launch to Date

"Throw Shimmer, Not Shade" is the cheeky slogan for the limited-edition scrub.

Frank Body’s limited-edition Shimmer Scrub has quickly become its most successful product launch to date. The holographic package is a first for the fast-growing Australian brand.

The three-in-one exfoliator, moisturizer and body scrub racked up a 55,000-person wait list in under a week before its official launch date on May 1. Already sold out globally on Frank Body’s web site, Shimmer Scrub is still available in extremely limited quantities through Urban Outfitters. There is also a petition on Frank’s web site to bring the item, which retails for $19.99, back.

Jess Hatzis, cofounder of Frank Body, said the company set out to do something completely new for its fervent and social media-savvy fan base. “We wanted to create something fun, that was like nothing our fans had ever seen before; something that would highlight their bods in the way they love to highlight their faces. The limited-edition nature of Shimmer Scrub meant we got to take our packaging to places it had never been before. In this case, it went all the way to Planet Shimmer,” she said.

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The launch was supported with a playful marketing campaign called “Throw Shimmer, Not Shade.”

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The brand’s “voice” aptly known as “Frank,” continues to push the envelope on social media with wit and humor, as evident in Frank’s tongue-in-cheek promotion of the limited-edition product. Other slogans surrounding Shimmer Scrub include: “Make every day a no-pants party, so you can turn weekdays into weekends,” and “De-robe and strobe.”

Hatzis added that combining a shimmer effect with the skin-care benefits associated with the brand’s coffee-based formulas added even more fun.

“Basically, it’s a shimmery spa experience that you can have at home, without breaking the bank,” she said.

Shimmer Scrub is among several items, from beverages to beauty, riding the holographic Unicorn wave. Wet ‘n Wild is rolling out a limited-edition Unicorn Glow Collection in Ulta Beauty on May 21 and holographic looks have also dominated nail art beauty as of late. And if customers successfully petition for it to return, there will be proof Shimmer Scrub is beyond a fad.

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