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Frederic Brandt Gives Product Collection a Face Lift

Dr. Brandt has a prescription for spring: refreshed packaging, two new product collections and lower price points.

Dermatologist Frederic Brandt is giving his SKIN care line a new prescription for spring: refreshed packaging, two new product collections and lower price points are all part of doctor’s orders for the eight-year-old brand.

“We wanted to keep up with the consumer’s quest for rapid results, ease of shopping and identification of products that suit them,” said Brandt. “Not only have we rebranded our product line, but strengthened it with the latest technology and innovative products.”

Dr. Brandt will launch for spring and summer two skin care lines — one that targets acne and another that addresses the signs of aging. The collections are the first new products the brand has come out with in almost two years, and company executives are hoping both ranges will propel the Dr. Brandt brand towards double-digit retail sales growth.

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“We needed to bring some newness and excitement into the brand,” said Melinda Wells-DeRocher, president and chief executive officer of Dr. Brandt. “That is what our business partners are looking for and also what our consumers are looking for.”

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The new acne segment, Blemishes No More, consists of five products designed to treat adult acne through blemish reduction and breakout prevention. Scheduled for an exclusive three-month launch at Sephora and Sephora inside J.C. Penney stores later this month, Blemishes No More consists of cleansing pads, a clarifying solution, an oil-free hydrator, redness relief cream and a travel kit. All products in the range contain Dr. Brandt’s proprietary complex, Active Impurity Shield, which is intended to prohibit bacteria growth, remove impurities and dead skin cells, and regulate oil and sebum production.

With each product in the Blemishes No More range priced at either $25 or $35, the new line represents the first entry point for the usually premium-priced brand. “The pricing was done strategically,” said Wells-DeRocher. “We are targeting a younger consumer, aged 18 to 35, who doesn’t have as much money in her pocketbook. This is the lowest price point he has ever put a product out into the retail market with.” Industry sources estimate Blemishes No More to generate $7 to $8 million in first-year retail sales.

Dr. Brandt’s other major initiative is the launch for summer of Time Arrest, a five-item skin care lineup geared towards Baby Boomers who want to lift, tighten and firm maturing skin. The collection, which is scheduled to launch in Henri Bendel, Sephora and medical offices in June, aims to counteract the loss of elasticity and firmness with Dr. Brandt’s proprietary Age Reversing Platinum Technology. The nano particle platinum delivery system is designed to function like the skin’s own GPS system, carrying active ingredients directly to targeted problem areas deep within the skin’s epidermis.

“Time Arrest represents a quantum leap in the way we’re able to deliver active antiaging ingredients into the skin,” said Brandt.

The Time Arrest collection will include three new products and two reformulated items at launch: New Time Arrest crème, $100 for 1.7 oz.; eye serum, $85 for 0.5 oz., and face fluid, $90 for 1 oz. Reformulations include a 1.7-oz. V-Zone neck cream for $60 and a 1.25-oz. laser-tight formula for $85. Both products were top-selling freestanding items in the Dr. Brandt line that have now been reformulated with the platinum delivery system and incorporated into the Time Arrest range.

Industry sources estimate the Time Arrest collection will generate anywhere from $3 million to $5 million in first-year retail sales and place 2009 total global retail sales for the Dr. Brandt brand at roughly $50 million.

The entire Dr. Brandt assortment is also rebranding itself with a fashion facelift. In an effort to make the brand more consumer-friendly, Brandt and Wells-DeRocher simplified product names so that their function was more easily understood by consumers, and injected some color into the formerly black-and-white packaging to help delineate different franchises within the brand. “We really wanted to take Dr. Brandt’s medical knowledge to retail in a way that made sense to our consumer today.”

Signature skin care products, like Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion, Crease Release and Laser Appeal, have now been grouped in a line called House Calls, and packaged in turquoise and black boxes. The Poreless collection was renamed Pores No More and placed in easy to identify blue and black packaging.

Going forward, Wells-DeRocher says Dr. Brandt’s main mission is to get new lines “out and motoring” in the U.S. while still growing international distribution to places like China and Singapore via its retail partner Sephora.