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Frudia Is Ripe for Growth at CVS

Skin care uses a 100 percent low-extraction method called R Vita W to distill the essential nutrients of fresh fruit.

Frudia Is a Bright Star in
Frudia is now available in the U.S.

One of the star brands of CVS’ new K-Beauty HQ departments rolling out to 2,100 doors is Frudia.

With availability at CVS, and on, the fruit-based collection (  is making its U.S. debut.

Developed in Korea, Frudia uses a 100 percent low-extraction method called R Vita W to distill the essential nutrients of fresh fruit. Those nutrients are used as base material for the formulas instead of the traditional water base. Those familiar with the line said the R Vita W process differentiates the brand from others available in the market. The juice is extracted for 72 hours through low-temperature, low-speed, high-pressure and micro-bacterial filtration processes to minimize the loss of nutrients of the fruit.

Frudia represents what industry experts see as the next big story in the K-beauty wave — intense fruit-based entries.

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“The current U.S. beauty consumer is more conscious about not only ingredients, but innovation,” said Jean Kim, chief executive officer of Hesed USA LLC, the U.S. marketing and branding agency for Frudia. “While K-Beauty may be seen as ‘trending’ in the U.S., that has really just heightened the excitement and demand for high-performance and cutting-edge Korean beauty products, now easily accessible via CVS and”

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The lineup includes four collections, each including a cream, toner, serum and sheet mask. The Pomegranate Nutri Moisturizing Collection, which contains 46 to 87 percent pomegranate extraction. The formula is designed to provide antioxidant properties and polyphenols to calm sensitive skin and prevent initial aging and fine wrinkles while creating a steadfast moisture barrier for skin. There is also the Citrus Brightening Collection. Products contain 46 to 86 percent citrus extract from JeJu tangerines, which are said to revitalize skin with vitamins, help even skin tone and brighten skin. Additional collections include Blueberry Hydrating Collection, which use 55 to 88 percent blueberry extract containing anthocyanin, which removes harmful oxidants to reenergize and moisten skin for 48 hours. The fourth collection, Green Grape Pore Control uses 60 to 89 percent green grape extract containing tannin and vitamin E, which keeps pores free of impurities and also mattifies pores.

Prices range from $1.99 for masks to $21.99 for serums. Initial response at CVS has been strong, said Kim, with the masks selling out in several stores.

Frudia caught the attention of K-beauty expert Alicia Yoon, who handpicked  the 100 items shipping into CVS. “As the lead curator of K-Beauty in the U.S., Alicia Yoon’s endorsement has been invaluable,” said Kim. “Peach & Lily and Hesed USA both were excited and agreed that Frudia would be an excellent brand to introduce to the U.S. consumer through this channel curated by Peach Slices, Peach & Lily’s fun, whimsical sister brand.”

Kim said the target Frudia customer is between the ages of 18 and 35 and desires high-performing formulas and innovative ingredients, but also covets products that are affordable and accessible. Next up for Frudia are plans for additional items, including fruit-based lip balms, cleansing foams and a cleansing balm slated for the second half of the year.