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EXCLUSIVE: Furtuna Skin Introduces First Men’s Product

Forza D’Agro, out today, is an aftershave serum.

Furtuna Skin unveils a new serum today.

Forza D’Agro is an aftershave made for men. While the skin care brand is unisex, this marks an expansion into the category. Timed around Father’s Day later this month, the brand hopes to attract a new consumer.

“It’s perfect for any type of skin, but men don’t necessarily know that,” cofounder Kim Walls said of Furtuna Skin products. “Sometimes, they need an invitation. And so, this is kind of like, ‘Welcome. Come join us.’”

Launched in November 2019 alongside Agatha Relota Luczo, the duo first released a “cuore” collection (Italian for “heart”), a combo face and eye serum, micellar essence and moisturizing oil. Forza D’Agro, like all of the line, is made with organic, wild-foraged ingredients from a private, 700-acre farm in Sicily that’s owned by Luczo and her husband. The property has more than 12,000 olive trees and hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs.

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The new product captures a subtle, “phenomenal” and “manly” scent of the land, as well as nearby Monte Barraù, Luczo said.

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“Barraù in Arabic means to the sea,” she explained. “Monte Barraù is the fourth highest elevation point in Sicily and when you go to the highest elevation point, you can see all the way to the sea.”

The formulation is blue in color, though dries clear, using olive oil, borage oil, shea butter, prickly pear and scented with bay laurel, juniper, rock rose and lime. It aims to repair, nourish, refresh and soothe the skin.

“It’s really working to take away the look of fatigued skin, of stress with the emotional and topical level, both at the same time,” Walls said. “We really haven’t seen that approach very much in such a daily used product.”

It’s “grounding,” evoking “comfort” and “confidence,” she added. “Men very often love to have a smell to their aftershave. And so, rather than having synthetic fragrances or potentially harsh or harmful chemicals, we’ve chosen specific essential oil scent profiles that also have skin benefits.”

Priced at $145 (for a 50-ml bottle), Forza D’Agro is available at and exclusively at Shen Beauty. In honor of Father’s Day on the 20th, a sample will be shipped with every order placed in June. According to the brand, Forza D’Agro is projected to represent 7 percent of sales for the 30-day period post-launch.

Furtuna Skin cofounders Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls.
Furtuna Skin cofounders Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls. Amanda Jones/WWD

“Our goal is always to deliver the highest-performing product to meet needs in as few steps as possible,” Walls said.

That mission, along with the brand’s approach to sourcing, has resonated with consumers today. Furtuna Skin has seen 25 percent month-over-month growth, the brand revealed in March.

“Our sales have doubled what we have been forecasting month-over-month, consistently,” Walls went on. “Even the growth that we were forecasting, it’s outperforming. It’s been mind-blowing.”