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German Men Savvy About Skin Care

Study says 30 minutes a day spent on skin and body care.

BERLIN — German men spend an average of 30 minutes on daily skin and body care, and represent a booming market for a range of cosmetics products, according to a recent study by Burda Community Network, the marketing organization of the Burda publishing group, the VKE (the German Association of Cosmetic Producers) and Playboy’s German edition.

In an online survey, 1,763 men were queried about their cosmetics purchases and routines. On average, they said they spent 17 minutes on body care and 13 minutes on face care (not including bathing and shaving). The VKE’s Martin Ruppmann says the figure exceeds the average German woman’s 26-minute daily routine, from a 2007 study.

Two-thirds of the men polled regularly use skin care products. Fragrance is also part of the daily regime for 60 percent of this group, and variety plays a role: The average man surveyed has four different bottles in his scent wardrobe, but typically only uses three of them.

And makeup isn’t absent from the scene — 12 percent of the study’s respondents say they use concealer or powder on their face. And 3 percent go the color cosmetics route, using lip color, eyeliner and nail polish. Still, the polled group tends toward the do-it-yourself approach; 76 percent have never visited a cosmetics studio.

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“Our study shows how large the market potential for men’s cosmetics is,” says Christina Heinz, head of research for the Burda Community Network. “We predict that the market for men’s care and beauty products will double its volume in the next year.”